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WGC rounds are available for sign up three weeks in advance.

How to Sign In to the Golf Genius WGC League Portal

Members need to register with the WGC’s Golf Genius league portal to sign up online for weekly play. Registering also allows members to see private pages on the portal which include Pairings and Results pages. This process involves the WGC sending an email to its members. This email will contain instructions on how to register with the portal. Member steps include the following. 

1) Members open the email received from Golf Genius and click on “Confirm Registration”.

2) Members are then directed to the sign in page in a browser. They will use the temporary password that’s been assigned to them in the registration email to log in.

3) Members create a permanent personal password.

4) Members are now logged into the portal and and can sign in at any time, from anywhere, with their email address and password.

How to Sign Up for Weekly Play

Sign Up on a Computer

On a computer, click on the Golf Genius logo on the front page of the WGC website ( A new tab in your browser will open to the Home Page of the Golf Genius WGC portal.

A player must be signed in to the portal in order to change her status regarding any upcoming round. Members can determine if they are signed in to the portal by looking to the right on the menu bar. Members will be presented with one of two prompts to sign in. The first option would be the words “Sign In” showing if you need to sign in. The second option would be clicking on 3 bars to the right of the menu bar. If already signed in, there may be a graphic showing to the right on the menu bar. If you are already signed in, skip the instructions in the next paragraph about signing in. You should skip over to the information about open rounds. 

If you are not signed in to the portal, you will see the “Sign In” prompt or 3 bars on the right hand side of the menu bar. Click the prompt and enter the email address and password you used to register for the WGC portal. You should now be able to click and open all the menu options.

Once logged in, the club’s open rounds will be listed in one of two ways. The open rounds could either (1) be showing on the left hand side of the home page with the Welcome message to the right of those rounds OR (2) they could be showing in the middle of your screen with the Welcome message showing BELOW the open rounds.

Play options available for each open round are: Sign Up, You are signed up or Cancel Signup. The default option is set to “You are not signed up”. To sign up to play, click on the Sign Up option. After choosing that option, a prompt to confirm your choice will appear at the top of your screen in the middle. Select your response. The options under that round should now be changed to reflect your choice.

If you need to cancel play, go back to the WGC portal page and hit the Cancel Signup option to remove yourself from playing the round in question.

If you subsequently find that you are able to play a round before sign ups close for that round, go back to the WGC portal and hit the Sign Up button to add yourself to the round.

Each time you change your playing status for a round, Golf Genius will send you an email confirming your play option. Please disregard the part of the email which talks about getting waitlisted. The WGC will NOT be using the Golf Genius waitlist option. Changes to a member’s play status AFTER sign ups are closed on Mondays at 10pm should be made via phone call to the Pairings Contact for that week.

Sign Up on a Phone

On a smart phone, load the Golf Genius App. Open the App and follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the prompt to sign in with your email address and password.

2. Click on the League Name (Will not be an option unless you are registered for more than one league. For example, you registered for both the 18 hole ladies AND 9 hole ladies!)

3. Click on the Member Portal option.

4. Click Home.

5. Click Round Signup.

6. Open rounds will show on this page. The options continue to be Sign Up, You are signed up, You are not signed up or Cancel Signup.

7. Confirm your choice.

8. Click the Back button.

9. Click the Back button again.

10. Click the 3 black bars in the upper left hand corner of your device to go back to the app menu.

11. Click LOGOUT if you want to sign out of the app.

How to View Pairings

You must be signed in to the WGC league portal to view the Pairings/Tee Sheets. (If needed, see instructions above to sign in to the portal.) Hover your cursor over the Pairings menu option. Move your cursor over to the Tee Sheets option which appears and click on it. That week’s Pairings/Tee Sheet should be available to view.

How to Post Scores on the Golf Genius Mobile App

Note: Scores CANNOT be posted in the league portal on a computer. Scoring must be done on the mobile app … live or after play.

Mobile App Instructions

1. Before the day of play, download the app (orange background with ball on golf tee icon). To find the app, go to your app store on your Android phone, iPhone or iPad. Search “Golf Genius”.

2. When you receive your printed scorecard, open the mobile app on your phone.

3. Do not enter your email or password.

4. Click on the GGID prompt.

5. Enter the 6 letter GGID found on your printed scorecard or on the Pairings report.

6. Click Sign In.

7. Tap on your name to get started.

8. Advance to the hole your group will be starting on.

9. Enter the correct GROSS score for all of the players.

10. If you enter a number which needs to be corrected, click in that number space and click on the CLEAR button. Enter the correct number and proceed.

11. After all scores are entered for a hole, click “Save Scores”. You will be directed to the next hole.

12. To view the leaderboard, click on “Leaderboard” at the top of your screen.

13. Once play is complete, a message will appear on your screen which says, ”You have finished entering scores for this round. Would you like to modify the scores or continue to view the scorecard?” Click on Scorecard Summary.

14. If you would like to view the scorecard in landscape view, click the icon to the right in the upper right hand side of the screen. Then turn your phone sideways.

15. Double check the hole by hole scores of each player in the group.

16. To correct a score, click on the score and numbers should pop up at the bottom of your screen. Click on the number to correct the score.

17. Click Save Score. Continue checking hole by hole.

18. IF you have trouble entering the changed score, click the Enter Scores prompt in the upper right hand corner of your screen to open up the hole by hole entry of scores. If you have to go back to the Enter Scores routine, be sure to go to the hole where the score needs to be corrected.

19. Click the Back button at the top left hand corner of your screen to go back to the Scorecard view.

20. There is NOT a final command to send scores to Golf Genius! Just close the app.

21. To close the app, go to the Scorecard view and click on the 3 black bars in the upper left hand corner of your screen. This action should take you to the app’s main menu.

22. If you accidentally find yourself in the main menu when you were not ready to close the app, click on either Enter Scores to go back to hole by hole scoring or click Scorecard to get to the Scorecard view.

23. To close the app, click Logout.

24. Two players sign one scorecard and drop it in the Scoring box used to collect scorecards. This should be near the cart barn at each of the courses.

For a very good Golf Genius explanation of this mobile routine, click this web link on your computer.

How to View Results

You must be signed in to the WGC league portal. (If needed, see instructions above to sign into the portal.) Hover your cursor over the Results menu option. Move your cursor over to the Tournament Results option which appears and click on it. In the Select a Date box, scroll to the date for which you would like to view Results. These dates should be in reverse date order.