WGC Members

Our 2021 Members - If you don't see your picture here or would like to have yours updated, please contact Laura Singleton, 479-715-5260.

In 2021, the Bella Vista Women's Golf Club has over 120 fun-loving members who are passionate about golf and each other. To help you get to know everyone, following are pictures, with names, in alphabetical order. New members are denoted by **. Social members are denoted by *. Members who joined in May have been added to the end of the pics. Please be patient as this page may take several minutes to load.

Go to the members only site (a link can be found in the back of your 2021 Handbook and Directory) to see a picture of your playing partner and learn more information about them. Click on their name in the navigation side bar on the right to go to their Member Profile.

The online Handbook and Directory are also available on the Members only website; a link can be found in the back of your 2021 Handbook and Directory or by contacting the Website Chair.

Liz Adams

Brenda Alexander

Barbara Angstead

Silvia Aubele

Cynthia Augspurger

Wanda Barloon

Sher Barns

Wanda Barton

Mary Bendickson

Delores Bowlin

Lynne Bowman

Karen Brashears

Stephanie Bryant

Jan Burkybile

Glenda Burris

Pat Callahan

Dori Clement

Linda Cline

Sandy Collins

Peggy Crabtree

Bonnie Crow

Brenda Dandy

Louise DeGroot

Julie Deihl

Kathy Dinwoodie

Linda Doty

Julia Doverspike

Rosalie Dragland

Rhonda Dutton

Roxiann Dwyer

Janet Edwards

Pam Evans**

Marilyn Fabits

Barbara Forsyth

Marylin Garris

Carolyn George

Mary Gillespie

Betty Gilliland

Nancy Gross

Bettie Halterman

Jeanne Hartman

Ruth Hatcher*

Debra Hemphill**

Mary Henning

Geri Hoerner

Jo Hogan

Jan Holm

Judy Hudson

Linda Horn

Sarah Huff

Mary Hunt

Anne Hurley

Cyndi Isaacson

Sue Jacobson

Stephanie Kappel

Carol Kaufman

Cheryl Kautzer

Gail Kidd

Connie Kuske

Stevie Lamar

Sara Landstrum

Bev Larsen

Kelli Lawrence

Judy Lemoine

Darla Luzum

Bonnie Martineck

Anne McClintock

Jean Meadows

Deb Metz

Penny Mosley

Kimela Mullen

Ronnie Nelson

Susan Nuttall

Karen Owens

Alice Panter

Amy Parker

Maggie Peterson

Gayle Placial

Connie Plack**

Biddy Pyle

Lesa Reiff

Mary Riorden

Linda Roberts

Jane Rowland

Karen Schneider

Laurie Schoenbaum

Ilene Severns

George Ann Seymour

Laura Shaw

Ellen Shelley

Nancy Shy

Jan Simms

Laura Singleton

Pat Slatton

DeeAnna Smith

Linda Smith

Marianne Smyth

Verana Steckel

Kandy Stern**

Ardell Stoops

Gail Storm

Vicki Styles

Janet Swafford

Leslie Terry

Shellie Thill**

Barb Tiedemann**

Sue Tiffany

Becky Tipton**

Sandy Trigg

Becky Turner

Elaine Twyman

Bedetta Valentine

Lisa Vines

Patty Walker

Mary Gayle Watson

Diana Watts

Renee Whiteley

Patsy Whiting

Linda Williams

Penny Williams

Brenda Wilson**

Elaine Wolfe

Robyn Wolters

Susan Wyatt

Myrlene Zimmerman

Kathy Zumbro

Kasti, Beth**

Pike, Laurie**

Luttrell, Janet *

Merritt, Carolyn**

Jonges, Deborah