Hall of Fame Requirements


The official name of the award will be the “Bella Vista Women’s Golf Club (BVWGC) Hall of Fame”.

1. The purpose is to recognize those women who in the eyes of the membership have given unselfishly to serve and promote our organization, demonstrated by their performance on and off the golf course.

2. In order to be nominated, nominees must qualify under the following criteria:

a. Must have been an active member of the BVWGC for a minimum of five years.

b. Demonstrated a dedicated commitment to the BVWGC as evidenced by accomplishments, participation and assistance to others.

c. Exemplified outstanding sportsmanship and integrity at all times, serving as a role model for other members.

d. Served on the Board of Directors or been a member of a committee.

3. Nominations may be submitted by any member of the BVWGC. Nominations must be submitted in writing to the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee and signed by the person(s) making the nomination. Nominations must be received no later than September 1 to be considered for the current year.

a. Non-inducted nominees can be submitted the following year. Nominations will not be carried over.

b. Any number of nominations can be submitted. The Committee will limit inductees to one per year.

c. The committee will consist of five members: four non-board members (volunteers) appointed by the current serving President and one Past Hall of Fame member appointed by the current serving President.

4. If a committee member is nominated, they must withdraw from the committee and a replacement will be named by the President. Hall of Fame committee members may not make nominations while sitting on the committee.

5. If only one nomination is received in any given year, the committee will determine whether or not that nomination is worthy of distinction.

6. Final selection for induction will be made by a unanimous vote of the committee and the inductee will be announced at the fall meeting.

7. A Bella Vista Hall of Fame plaque will be permanently displayed in the Country Club pro shop on our Wall of Honor.

8. A plaque will be given to the honoree each year at the fall meeting.