New Member Information

If you are looking for the phone number and/or address of any member who joined AFTER the Directory was printed or any member who may have had a change in address and/or phone, check the list on our private site. To get the link, look on the Notes page of your handbook, ask a member or request the link from the Club Webmaster, Sher Barns (

The contact information for the Officers and Committee Chairs is available in About Us.

Click here to view a copy of our New Member FAQ

Join the WGC

To join the WGC, new members should print the membership application, fill it out, and mail it to our Membership Chair as listed on the form.


To be eligible to participate in WGC weekly events, new members must have five (5) scores posted in our handicap system. If you do not have a handicap, please attach five (5) scorecards to the application in order to immediately establish a handicap.

If you have a handicap in another system (i.e. GHIN), please include that handicap and the slope, rating, last five scores and state of the course on which you received your handicap.

After a handicap number is assigned to you, please enter all of your scores as they accumulate. (All WGC scores from League Play will be posted by the Handicap Committee.) Scores can be posted either online or at computers in the various pro shops.

For further information, contact the current Membership Chair.