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Sign up for play is available by clicking on the Golf Software link. BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 8th, TEE TIMES WILL MOVE TO 8:00 a.m.

Current week's play: 4 Person F's and T's AAAA**- Highlands - Tee times begin 8:00 - NO Mats or Tees in the Fairways Please; All putts must be holed, even with noodles. Please be sure to mark and replace any CTP stakes when putting.

If you feel comfortable riding with one of the ladies in your foursome, you may do so (you WILL HAVE to wear a mask)

CAPTAINS, PLEASE LOOK FOR AN EMAIL FROM BVWGC REGARDING SCORING INSTRUCTIONS. See note below from Lisa Vines. Do not allow players to touch the flagstick.

Pairings Contact: Wanda Barloon 479-657-2744

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2020 Club Championship Winners!

Low Gross Red Champion- Penny Williams

Low Net Red Champion- Liz Adams

Low Gross Gold Champion- Sara Landstrum

Low Net Gold Champion- Jane Rowland

Flight Winners:

Flight A

1st Low Gross- Brenda Alexander 1st Low Net- Bonnie Crow

2nd Low Gross- Stevie Lamar 2nd Low Net- Sue Jacobson

3rd Low Gross- Wanda Barton. 3rd Low Net- Barbara Angstead

Flight B

1st Low Gross- Cheryl Kautzer

1st Low Net- Mary Bendickson

2nd Low Gross- Mary Gillespie

2nd Low Net- Dori Clement

3rd Low Gross- Robyn Wolters

3rd Low Net- Laurie Schoenbaum

Flight C

1st Low Gross- Jan Holm

1st Low Net- Leslie Terry

2nd Low Gross- Amy Parker

2nd Low Net- Roxiann Dwyer

3rd Low Gross- Elaine Wolfe

3rd Low Net- Wanda Barloon

Flight D

1st Low Gross- Sher Barns

1st Low Net- Peggy Crabtree

2nd Low Gross- Gail Storm

2nd Low Net- Cyndi Isaacson

3rd Low Gross- Carol Kaufman


Flight A

1st Low Gross- Delores Bowlin

1st Low Net- Marilyn Fabits

2nd Low Gross- Darla Luzum

2nd Low Net- Bev Larsen

3rd Low Gross- Sarah Huff

3rd Low Net- Ronnie Nelson

Flight B

1st Low Gross- Patricia Slatton

1st Low Net- Judy Lemoine

2nd Low Gross- Diana Watts

2nd Low Net- Becky Turner

3rd Low Gross- Barbara Forsyth

3rd Low Net- Louise Degroot

Longest Putt Winners on 1st day of play:

Red Longest Putt- Peggy Crabtree

Gold Longest Putt- Marilyn Garris

Congratulations to All!!!

Click here for more pics from the event and pics of complete results. If you have additional pictures to add to the album, please email to Sher Barns.

2020 Calendar of Events

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Today's Play @ BV Golf Courses - BVPOA

Updated schedule is posted below and available for printing.

Sept 24 - Highlands - 8:00TT

Oct 1 - Scotsdale - 8:00TT

Oct 8 - BVCC - 8:00TT

Oct 15 - Dogwood - 8:00TT

Oct 22 - Fall Brunch and Meeting - Lakepoint


Closet To the Pin will resume on Thursday, Sept. 24th.

Dori Clement had a hole-in-one on Tuesday, September 15th, during the WGC/MGA Scramble!

Dori made a hole in one on #10 @ Kingswood at the MGA/WGC tournament today. Julie Deihl, Harry Tiffany, and Tom Prout were witnesses. "I hit a sweet 7 iron which bounced a couple of times and rolled into a back cup! Lots of WooHoo and hollering, followed with social distancing fist pumps to celebrate!" Congratulations, Dori!!


A Rules Note from the WGC Board...

As a result of the board meeting on 8/28/2020, a couple of rules will go into effect immediately, as follows:

1) Scotsdale Hole #12

The WGC player will now have a choice on hole #12 at Scotsdale. The player can attempt to hit a drive as normal or they can forego the drive attempt and proceed to the drop zone; take the stroke for the drive and penalty (just as if they hit the drive into the penalty area), hitting 3rd shot from the drop zone.

2) Starting the Hole (Teeing Area)

This rule is being clarified for the GOLD tee boxes since they do not have specific markers.

USGA Rule 6.2(b)

The teeing area is where you start each hole and is one of the five defined areas of the course. It has a defined size and shape that is a two club-length deep rectangle measured from the tee markers you are playing your round from. You can stand outside the teeing area as long as your ball is within the teeing area. If the gold marker is near the red tee box, you may use the red teeing area.

Golfers know they cannot tee up their ball on a hole ahead of the tee markers from the tees they are playing. That’s against the rules and comes with a severe penalty of two strokes and then needing to play a ball from what’s officially dubbed the teeing ground.

Turn in Scores within an Hour...

It is very important for the scoring committee to have your scores as soon as possible after you finish your round (please send them in within an hour of the completion of your round).

Please send a picture of the scorecard AND post the scores to the website.

If you are the captain and you’re not sure how to post, please ask someone in your foursome to do it or find one of the board members to help you with it. We’ll be glad to show you how - you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

Thanks so much for your help in this matter.

Revision of Closest To the Pin Continues...

Anyone who wants to participate should send a $5 check made out to BVWGC to Vicki Styles, 51 Melinda Ln 72714

She will keep track of who plays and deduct $1 each time you play. She will notify you when more funds are needed.

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All Women Golfers are welcome to join the WGC. We are a fun loving group that plays on Thursday from April-October. Check out the About Us page for information. Contact the Membership Chair at BVWGCMembership@gmail.com with questions.

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