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Oct 6 - 9:00S - Dogwood

Oct. 13 - 9:00S - Highlands

Oct. 20 - 9:00S - Scotsdale

Oct. 27 - Fall Brunch - Time/Place TBD


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Fall has arrived and the golfing season is coming to a close. The WGC Fall Brunch is a few weeks away. Sign up early to join your friends as we close our 2022 year and celebrate our season. Click here for the Fall Brunch Flyer.

Linda Balistrairi has 1st Hole-in-One!

9/26/22 - Linda Balistrairi got her first ever Hole-in-One, at Kingswood Golf Course Monday, on hole #7, using an 11 wood, with a Pinnacle soft. "When I saw that ball going, I thought, oh, my god, it's gonna hit the pin, but then I thought it was going over the pin, but then it came down and smacked the pin, and went right in the cup." Kurt said she hit a line drive. It was the day after her 70th birthday. Witnesses were: Kurt & Carol Howard, and Marcia Haines. Unfortunately for Linda, she sadly did not pay her $10 HIO fee because "I never hit the ball straight!" Congrats, Linda!

Play Results for 9/29/22:

Closest to the Pin Red: DeeAnna Smith 6' 7"

Closest to the Pin Gold: Veronica Nelson 5' 4"

Longest Putt Red: Sue Jacobson 14' 9"

Longest Putt Gold: Susan Nuttall 11' 4"

9/20/22 Club Report - by Jean Meadows

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 – Tradition, Tradition!! For eleven years the MGA and the WGC have been playing a scramble together. This year it was the MGA’s turn to host our annual event at Kingswood Golf Course. For twelve bucks around 80 players signed-up to participate. No one could buy this much fun for such a steal. Most of the 21 teams were made-up of two men and two women. Spouses were not paired together. Today was all about fun, socializing, meeting new friends, winning a few bucks, and (of course) comparing skills! The end-of-summer weather started getting a bit hot and humid near the end, but Arvest was all prepared and ready to greet us at the Riordan pavilion. Their hamburgers were divine, really delicious. Soon the hoopin’ and hollerin’ about winning took over – what fun! Eleven years now we’ve been doing this; what an exciting event on our calendar! Way to go, MGA, and thanks for hosting this year. We are the WGC and 2023 will be a sure winner too.

Rules Corner

There have been several questions over the last few weeks regarding how to play the water hazard on #5 of the Country Club (over the creek hole). The water hazard is not marked but it is a water hazard. I have spoken with Daryl and it will be marked for the BVWGC club championship but may not be marked before then because of the frequency of flooding on that hole. According to Daryl, the hazard begins at the tall grass cut line. Therefore, if your ball rolls into the tall cut line or up to or into the rocks, you are in the hazard. BVWGC does have a drop zone on this hole. If you roll into the cut line you may choose to hit from the hazard or take relief across the creek on the drop zone. If you take relief in the drop zone, it is a one stroke penalty.

Please feel free to share this information with other groups that you may play with if there are questions on where the hazard actually begins.

EBLAST - Rules 6_ 4.pdf

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It’s time to consider who you would like to see get our coveted Hall of Fame Award this year. There are many deserving of this award. Vote for your favorite who has contributed to the WGC thru the years. See our website for more information. Link to our nomination form is below. Please complete and return to Sue Jacobson, our 2021 Hall of Fame inductee.

2022 Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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All Women Golfers are welcome to join the WGC. We are a fun loving group that plays on Thursday from April-October. Check out the About Us page for information. Contact the Membership Chair at with questions.

As a regular member, your Hole-in-One fee must be paid prior to making a hole-in-one (the new “hole-in-one" season started the day after the Fall Brunch). You don’t want to miss out. In 2021, each of our two (2) winners received $590. Sign up is made on the Membership Application.

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Volunteers are needed to make our WGC organization work each season. Please consider volunteering for one or more committees in 2022. You may complete and mail to Karen Owens, 25 Pembroke Lane, BV 72715. Your help is always very much appreciated and necessary to keep our organization running smoothly.

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