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Sign up for play is available by clicking on the Golf Software link.

Current week's play: Low Gross/Low Net - Scotsdale- Tee times begin 7:52 - NO Mats or Tees in the Fairways Please; All putts must be holed, even with noodles


Pairings Contact: Wanda Barloon 479-657-2744

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2020 Calendar of Events

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Today's Play @ BV Golf Courses - BVPOA

Revised schedule is posted below.

June 11 - Scotsdale - 7:52TT

June 18 - BVCC - 7:52TT

June 25 - Dogwood - 7:52TT


FIRECRACKER 2-PERSON SCRAMBLE is almost here! Get a partner and sign up NOW - Show your patriotic spirit and wear your red, white, and blue! Click here to download the flyer and sign up.

Monthly Prizes certificates have been received for April, but we are unable to place the WGC box at Kingswood at this time. Therefore, the decision has been made to keep all certificates until things get back to normal, which will hopefully be soon. Thank you for your understanding.

News from Golf Operations: They are extending the 13-minute tee times and NO shotguns. This will continue until the Governor and CDD allow 2 people per cart and gatherings of 100+ people. Golf Operations wll be making decisions on a week by week basis. They appreciate your help and patience.


This week's Closet To the Pin winners are...

Gold: Diana Watt

Red: Vicki Styles

Congratulations Ladies!!

5/28/2020 Winners: Gold: Pat Slatton ; Red: Stevie Lamar

5/21/2020 Winners: Gold: Sarah Huff; Red: Sher Barns

5/14/2020 Winner: Linda Williams

Turn in Scores with an Hour...

It is very important for the scoring committee to have your scores as soon as possible after you finish your round (please send them in within an hour of the completion of your round).

Please send a picture of the scorecard AND post the scores to the website.

If you are the captain and you’re not sure how to post, please ask someone in your foursome to do it or find one of the board members to help you with it. We’ll be glad to show you how - you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

Thanks so much for your help in this matter.


If you have not yet picked up your Handbook, it will be available at the current course on Thursday.

New Rules Page

Make sure you are familiar with the Rules of the Game by checking out our new Rules page, located under Club Play! It's an excellent source for national and local rules, and especially in understanding how to play lost balls and out of bounds balls.

New version of Closest To the Pin...

Anyone who wants to participate will send a $5 check made out to BVWGC to Vicki Styles, 51 Melinda Ln 72714

She will keep track of who plays and deduct $1 each time they play (we’re hoping to be back to shotguns and regular CTP before the $5 runs out - if not, she will notify you when she needs more funds)

On game day, the first team will take out the CTP stakes and place them on the correct hole. There will be 2 CTP cards (one for Red and one for Gold) until we are able to get back to normal play.

As you come to that hole, place the stake where the closest ball landed and use your own pencil to write down your name. Please make sure you write your name on the correct card.

The last team will bring in the stakes and let Vicki know who won.

Please send in your $5 to Vicki as soon as possible so we can get started right away. Good luck!

Join the Bella Vista Women's Golf Club

All Women Golfers are welcome to join the WGC. We are a fun loving group that plays on Thursday from April-October. Check out the About Us page for information. Contact the Membership Chair at BVWGCMembership@gmail.com with questions.

Facebook Group Page! Join in the fun!!!

Members Only Site

The link to the Members Only is on a sticker in your handbook on the Notes page. Ask a friend or contact Sher Barns if you need the link.

Changes to Your Contact Information

If you change your email or phone number, send a note to the Membership Chair (BVWGCMembership@gmail.com).