Bella Vista Women's Golf Club

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8Weekly Pairings Contact: Wanda Barloon  254-368-5916


June 7 - 5:00-8:30 FUNDRAISER  Fish Fest at Blu Fish House 

June 8 - 8:00S - BVCC - 2 Person O.N.E.S

June 15 - 8:00S - Dogwood - 4 Person Partner Relay

June 22 - 8:00S - Highlands - LG/LN

June 29 - 8:00S - BVCC - Firecracker: 2 Person Scramble/BB


Play Results:  June 1 - Kingswood

Longest Putt Red:   Leslie Terry  6'

Longest Putt Gold:   Stephanie Kappel  18' 2"

Closest to the Pin Red:  Lynne Bowan  5' 10"

Closest to the Pin Gold:   Sandy Collins  5' 4"

WGC Fish Feast Fundraiser! Hold the date!

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, June 7th, 5:00-8:30 p.m., to attend this fun event where 20% of the proceeds benefits the  WGC.  Click here for the flyer.

Club Report - by Jean Meadows

May 29, 2023 – Reminders…On Wednesday, June 7, between 5:00 and 8:30 is our WGC fundraiser at Blu Fish House in Bentonville. Aren’t you hungry for some delicious shrimp, or some salmon, or maybe grouper? It’s just a golden opportunity to forget time in the kitchen and have some fun! Also…it’s time to find a partner for our annual Firecracker Scramble. This gala event is Thursday, June 29, at the Bella Vista Country Club. Be sure and pocket extra dollars in your patriotic attire for 50/50 and the golf bag raffle. The plans include fun, laughter and more fun. By the way, give Gayle Placial a huge thank you for the colorful, creative flyers that she designs for WGC activities. They are exquisite! So, we will certainly be busy with these June


Rules Corner

4/18/2023 If you hit your shot off the tee (or hit from within the fairway) and think you may not be able to find the ball, you’re allowed to hit a provisional ball that you can play in the event your first ball is lost. Once you decide to hit a provisional, you have to announce to your group that you’re hitting the provisional. This ball is to only be used in the event you cant find your lost ball. If you use your provisional, know that you’ve technically taken your 3rd stroke, and your next stroke will be considered your 4th.

Look for your lost ball:

According to the official ruling, once you reach the area you lost your golf ball in, you have 3 minutes from when you start searching to find the ball. If you do not find your ball in the allotted 3 minutes, the ball must be declared lost. Just to be clear- if you hit one in the water, you don’t need to spend 3 minutes looking for it. 3 minutes is just the maximum time you can spend.

Keep in mind if you or your teammates have seen that your ball crossed into a hazard, it is not considered a lost ball. In this scenario, you place your ball laterally from the area you ball crossed the hazard and take the appropriate penalty strokes.

Click here for more information about exceptions and additions for 2023 on the Rules page under 2023 Rules Committee News.

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