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Looking forward to a new 2023 season next spring! See you on the course this winter!

April 6 - 1st Day of Play!


New Procedures for 2023

Your WGC Board has been busy preparing for the upcoming season.  Here are a few approved changes:

In an effort to streamline the checking in process each play day, we are eliminating the role of captains.  The following changes will be made beginning in April:

Non annual members, who pay each time they play, will pick up all scorecards and cart tags for the foursome.  If the foursome is all annual members, the first person who arrives at the course will pick up the scorecard and cart tags.

The first and third person listed in the foursome will get the cart and players 1 & 2 will ride together and players 3 & 4 will ride together.

Before teeing off, the foursome will decide who is keeping the official scorecard and who will enter the scores hole by hole in the Golf Genius software.  The person keeping the scorecard will turn in the signed and verified scorecard after the round.

Players will not be called each week.  Each player should check the pairings report in Golf Genius to be sure they are or are not playing.

Closest to the Pin money will be collected at the beginning of the season.  Keeping in mind that half of the money goes to our selected charities at the end of the season, each member who wants to participate in the Closest to the Pin weekly contests will pay $20 by April 6, our first play day.  Someone will be collecting this money at the Spring Meeting too.  The names of those participating will be on the proximity markers next to the green for recording your distance.

If you want to join the CTP contest after the Firecracker Tournament, you may do so for $10.

If you do not want to participate in the CTP but would like to donate to the charities, you may pay $10 and designate it for the charity fund.

The Board also voted to have a maximum hole score of 10 except on Low Gross, Low Net play days when ball pick-ups are not allowed.

GHIN Handicap Sign Up Now!

To All WGC members – Please sign up for GHIN Handicap if you have not already done so.  Below is information from Golf Operations regarding how to sign up.  The cost is $30 for the year.  Remember, the WGC requires you to sign up for the GHIN Handicap in order to be a member.

         2023 GHIN Handicap Signup Info from Golf Ops

If you did not get signed up by January 16th, you were deactivated and will need to reapply for the 2023 GHIN year.

Signups can be done at any of the pro shops. If you are not in town, you may call any of the pro shops to sign up. There is no online registration available. If there are any questions, please contact golf ops.

Club Report - by Jean Meadows

Watch for Jean's Club Report as the 2023 WGC Season approaches!

New Slate of Officers for 2023!

L to R: Treasurer Laura Singleton, Secretary Jean Meadows, Vice President Dori Clement, President Jan Simms

Thank you for agreeing to serve in the WGC for the 2023 golf season! We look forward to another great year!

Play Results:  See you soon!

Closest to the Pin Red:  

Closest to the Pin Gold:  

Longest Putt Red:  

Longest Putt Gold:  

Our last day of play was tons of fun! Check out all the pics here!

Rules Corner

There have been several questions over the last few weeks regarding how to play the water hazard on #5 of the Country Club (over the creek hole). The water hazard is not marked but it is a water hazard. I have spoken with Daryl and it will be marked for the BVWGC club championship but may not be marked before then because of the frequency of flooding on that hole. According to Daryl, the hazard begins at the tall grass cut line. Therefore, if your ball rolls into the tall cut line or up to or into the rocks, you are in the hazard. BVWGC does have a drop zone on this hole. If you roll into the cut line you may choose to hit from the hazard or take relief across the creek on the drop zone. If you take relief in the drop zone, it is a one stroke penalty. 

Please feel free to share this information with other groups that you may play with if there are questions on where the hazard actually begins. 

EBLAST - Rules 6_ 4.pdf

Other Info>>>

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed to make our WGC organization work each season. Please consider volunteering for one or more committees in 2023. Click here for the 2023 Committee Volunteer Form. Your help is always very much appreciated and necessary to keep our organization running smoothly.

2023 WGC Membership Application

It is almost time for the 2023 WGC year to start!

 It is time to sign up for the new year.  And, part of the new WGC year is the Hole-in-One Club.  You must be a current member and join the Hole-in-One Club when you sign up to be a member, in order to share in the Hole-in-One Club prize at year end.

 Don’t wait!  Get your 2023 Membership Application sent in now!

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