2020 News of Members and Their Families

If you have anything to add to TLC, please contact George Ann Seymour, Courtesy, or Sher Barns, Website Chair. We care about each other!

9/16/2020: Bonnie Martineck had surgery on the 14. She is up and around, but thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

9/10/2020: Nancy Gross had right shoulder surgery on Sept. 3. All went well and she is on a long road to full recovery. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

9/10/2020: Brenda Dandy will wear a heart monitor for a short time pending insurance coverage for her procedure. Please continue to keep her, as well as her father, in your thoughts and prayers.

9/9/2020: Linda Cline fell yesterday and has 10 stitches in her forehead, so will not be playing golf for awhile. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

9/3/2020: Brenda Dandy is scheduled for a heart procedure on September 10th to help keep her from having future issues. She also just learned that her 91-year-old father has tested positive for COVID-19. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers through this challenging time.

8/31/2020: Conneye Kraus would like to thank everyone for all the cards and concern shown to her.

8/12/2020: Jan Vogel has had a tough time lately with continued health issues and the passing of her sister. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for comfort, healing, and relief from pain.

8/11/2020: We just learned that Karen Schneider has breast cancer. She does not know what type of treatment she will have to undergo, but please keep her in your prayers. We are sure she would love to receive a card from everyone, but she has asked that no one call her at this time.

8/11/2020: Sassy Weber’s husband, Don, passed away this morning at 3 am. Memorials can be made to Village Baptist Church Music Fund.

8/7/2020: Rosalie Dragland is having a health problem that causes terrible pain in her face. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

8/4/2020: From Mary Riordan Re: Conneye Kraus She fell last week and broke her collar bone. She is feeling very down and lonely and would love to hear from some of us. Cards or phone calls would be greatly appreciated. Her address is: 39 Melinda Lane, BV 72714

7/17/2020: Marianne Smyth had foot surgery Wednesday so will not be playing golf for a few weeks. Let's keep her in our thoughts and prayers as well.

7/17/2020: Received word that Brenda Dandy had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. PTL! She has made a complete recovery! "It's a miracle!" said Penny Williams. She even plans to play in the Animal Shelter's golf tournament on Saturday. So glad you've made a quick recovery and are back playing golf again!

6/16/2020: From Darla Luzum: Dear Friends, I have been overwhelmed with so many "Thinking of you" cards and emails. It's wonderful to have so many friends taking time to think of me. It was such a 'stupid' accident in the first place! I have hairline fractures in 3 ribs. This happened all because I was reading a book while lying in my hammock and a wasp landed on my arm. Went to shoe it away and with that movement, the hammock started to move and so did I!! Upside down and landed right on the main support bar of the hammock's frame and cement patio. Anyone looking to buy a REALLY GOOD SLIGHTLY USED HAMMOCK?? Cheap! Boy, will I make you a deal!!!

Seriously, you just never know when something's going to happen. So enjoy life while you can. I won't be back to golfing until the Firecracker but I have sure enjoyed hearing from so many of you. Thank you --- Thank you! Sincerely, Darla Luzum

6/5/2020: Sara Landstrum’s beloved 98 year old mother, Billie Davis, passed away Thursday afternoon in Knoxville, Iowa. Thankfully, Sara was able to be with her prior to her passing. Graveside service will be Saturday and they hope to be back in Bella Vista by Monday. Please keep Sara and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

6/4/2020: Darla Luzum fell and has cracked or broken a couple of ribs. (Editor's note: this is an extremely painful injury) Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

5/20/2020: ZaDean Auywer played golf with WGC for many years. Her husband, Jerry, passed away yesterday and many of you may have played golf with her. She moved to Washington State a few years ago to be with family. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

4/16/2020: Our condolences to Harry Tiffany whose sister has passed away in Colorado due to the Coronavirus. Apparently she had been on a respirator for some time. Let’s keep Harry and Sue in our prayers.

3/5/2020: A remembrance service for Russell Crabtree, Peggy Crabtree's husband, will be held at 11 am. Saturday, March 7, at the First United Methodist Church, 20 Boyce Drive, Bella Vista. Condolences may be expressed at Let's keep Peggy and her family in our thoughts and prayers.

2/21/2020: Great news from Kathy Dinwoodie!: "I’m back from my follow up visit with the surgeon in Little Rock and things couldn’t have gone better! The tumor is gone! My pituitary gland has not totally woken up from being squashed for so long so I will need to find an Endocrinologist to help with that. All of my peripheral vision is back! My test was perfect! Dr. Sines at BoozmanHof couldn't believe it! I’m released to do all activities as I am comfortable. With all the therapy I have been doing, I’m ready! Should be good to go for the golf season! Look forward to seeing everyone at Rules for Tools and the Spring Brunch! Thank you again dear friends for all your prayers and concerns! Love you all! Kathy"

2/11/2020: From Peggy Crabtree: "Russ, my good husband of 60 years, passed away last night at Jamestown Nursing Facility about 3 hours after I had left him. He has been hospitalized or at Jamestown for the past 3 months. We have shared a lot of love, laughter and challenges together. I have lost my best friend and confidant, but there was no chance that he would get better and he was still relatively pain free. I am grateful for that. Peggy Crabtree"

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Let's shower her with our love.

2/2/2020: From Barb Carlson: "I would like to thank you for your cards, text messages and phone calls in the loss of my sister. It means a lot to me. Blessings, Barb Carlson"

1/27/2020: A note from Kathy Dinwoodie: "A big and loving THANK YOU for the wonderful and encouraging cards during my surgery and relapse back into ICU. It truly was a blessing to hear from all of you! The cards are are still on my mantle to remind me of what a caring group of women the WGC is! I am on the road to recovery, getting stronger every day. I plan to be ready for golf when the season starts in April. It's all good!"

1/24/2020: Ellen Shelley is recovering from rotator cuff surgery. It was more extensive than they thought, but she’s doing well; not sure how long she’ll be rehabilitating. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Cards would be appreciated.

1/24/2020: Barb Carlson's sister passed away today. She is on her way to Arizona, but did not make it in time to see her. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

1/17/2020: Kathy is home from the hospital and resting comfortably. It'll likely be a few days before she is fully 'with it', but she's headed in the right direction and much more comfortable at home than in 'jail'. Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers and support. They are very much appreciated by us both! Jim (24 Villas Way, Bella Vista, AR 72715)

1/16/2020: Gayle Watson is resting at home following an emergency heart catheterization procedure and the successful placement of two stents on 1/13/20. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Cards would be appreciated.

1/15/2020: "Wanted to let you all know that Kathy is in the ICU at Mercy in Rogers. She was admitted last night and is being treated for an electrolyte imbalance, probably related to last week’s pituitary surgery. She will likely be in ‘jail’ for a few days so your continued thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated. She’s in good hands and going in the right direction. It’s been a tough week for Special K but she’s surrounded by love and hugs. Thanks!" Jim

1/10/2020: Kathy is home and recovering! PTL! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Cards would be welcomed.

1/8/2020: Update from Jim on Kathy: "As of today at noon, Kathy’s doing great with no apparent complications from surgery. In fact, it looks as though she may even be discharged tomorrow (a day earlier than we anticipated) which would allow us to get back home before the bad weather hits. Assuming all continues to go well, she’ll just feel like she’s got a bad head cold for the next couple of weeks. Our son and daughter will both be there for a few days to play nurse. Thanks again to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. Things could not have gone much better than they have to this point."

1/7/2020: Kathy Dinwoodie had a very successful surgery this morning. The procedure went well and the tumor was benign as expected. She will likely be in Little Rock for a few more days before being released. Jim says, "Thanks to all of you for your prayers and well wishes. They mean a lot!"