2021 News of Members and Their Families

If you have anything to add to TLC, please contact George Ann Seymour, Courtesy, or Sher Barns, Website Chair. We care about each other!

2/26/2021: Roxiann Dwyer had her surgery on Wednesday. She came through the surgery fine. They removed the questionable lymph node and it was benign so she will not have to have any chemo or radiation treatments. When they got her up after surgery, she passed out and her blood pressure dropped to 50/20. They moved her that night to ICU and gave her blood. She was fine after that and they moved her back to her room. She is able to receive calls and is expecting to come home as early as today (the 26th). She had a total mastectomy and will have more reconstructive surgery later. Keep her in your hearts and prayers. Cards would be appreciated.

2/14/2021: Our dear friend and former member, Pat Ellison, passed away this morning about 11:00 am. Please pray for her family, and also for her best friend and housemate, Sandy Trigg. She was an incredible individual. Just read through some of the tributes on her Facebook page at If anyone would like to send a card, Sandy Trigg’s address is 13 Addison Lane, Bella Vista, AR 72715. You can also read Pat Ellison's Opus here.

2/13/2021: Former long time member of BVGC Laura Wiersama’s husband died on February 6th. Thoughts and cards would be appreciated.

2/4/2021: Karen Owens' husband, Paul, had successful triple bypass surgery today and all signs look good. "Karen is so relieved and thankful to all for their thoughts and prayers. She feels so blessed to have so many friends supporting them."

2/4/2021: Former member Pat Ellison is in urgent need of prayers. They were treating her for a very virulent blood infection which started with an infected toe and caused blood, kidney, and possible liver problems. Because it had not improved, her leg was removed below the knee on Wednesday. They are hopeful that this took care of all of the infection. The surgery went well, but she has still not awakened as of today. Sandy Trigg (whom she had been living with) wants everyone to get out their prayer shawls and send up our prayers for her. It's going to be a long road to recovery for her and she'll need all the prayers we can send up.

2/3/2021: Karen Owens' husband, Paul, had a cardiac catherization yesterday and the results were a little more complicated than they expected. Paul is scheduled for a triple bypass tomorrow. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

2/1/2021: We have just learned that Susan Wyatt has Covid-19. Please pray for quick healing.

1/26/2021: Roxiann Dwyer has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

1/26/2021: We just learned that Marilyn Garris' sister passed away the week of 1/18. Please keep her in your prayers and I'm sure cards would be appreciated.

1/22/2021: From Maggie Peterson: "I want to sincerely thank the many BVWGC members who have extended their condolences on my sister's passing, through prayers, cards, emails, calls, and texts. It means more than I can say. Sally’s passing was unexpected and it is still surreal to think that she is gone. The joy of memories and the appreciation of how she embraced the moment and lived life to the fullest is consoling. Each day we have on this Earth is a blessing and I am eternally thankful for every minute I shared with my sister. On behalf of my family and myself, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. "

1/1/2021: A former long-time member, Cele Heinen Jurgens, passed away on 12/30/20. Services will be at St Bernard’s on Saturday, Jan. 2nd at 10:00 am (visitation at 9:00, Rosary at 9:30).

12/29/2020: Today's Facebook Message from Jan Simms: "It is with a heavy heart that I tell you Dave has passed into heaven. He now has a new body free from illness and disease. Your prayers for the family are very much needed and sincerely appreciated. He loved all of you friends and would have been touched by all of the comments you made on these posts. God blessed me with 49 years of marriage to Dave and I miss him already. Love and heavenly blessing to you all. Jan"

12/27/2020: Latest Facebook message from Jan Simms: "Dear friends, the hospital let me in to see Dave this morning. He was as I expected with tubes and IVs running everywhere. He has been on 100% oxygen since yesterday and his kidneys have not been putting out any urine for 2 days at least. The doctors and nurses say there is not any more they can do for him. He has not been responsive for over a week now. The only solution is for a miraculous healing. That is what I have been praying for and for me to know when it is time to tell them to unhook the machines. Your prayers for both us are very much needed and urgently requested. Love to all, Jan"

12/28/2020: From our member Linda Roberts...I want to thank each and every one of you that has expressed support for me through cards, emails, texts, phone calls, meal delivery, errands run for me and, most of all, your prayers. The last two months have been very difficult, but I have been overwhelmed by your love and friendship. And, I count my blessings to be recovering from this illness. I am looking forward to seeing you all under “normal” circumstances. I wish you all a very Happy 2021. My prayers are with Jan & Dave Simms. With Love, Linda R

12/8/2020: Maggie Peterson’s younger sister passed away on Dec. 4th from a sudden heart attack. It was completely unexpected. Her family is devastated. Please pray for Maggie and her family.

12/8/2020: Update on Jan Simms' husband, Dave. He is being transferred to ICU. She is asking for prayer.

12/5/2020: Jan Simms' husband, Dave, has been the the hospital since Monday, with COVID-19. Please keep Jan and Dave in your thoughts and prayers.

12/4/2020: Linda Roberts is in the hospital and has tested positive for COVID. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

11/18/2020: Former WGC member Carol Soules' husband passed away last week. Her address is 7 Bundstanburgh Ln. BV 72714. Cards and prayers would be appreciated.

11/17/2020: Update on former member, Barb Carlson: She met with the oncologist today and found out the cancer has spread to her bones and she is Stage 4. Please be praying in faith for healing and that she and Larry will have peace throughout this journey.

11/17/2020: Update from Penny Williams regarding Mark's surgery: "He made it thru the surgery with flying colors and the surgeon said it couldn't have went better!!! He is finally going to walk without any pain!!!! FINALLY!!!! I just wished I could be with him... this is driving me crazy but I understand it's for everyone's safety. I do get to visit with him from 4-7 this evening ." Please continue to keep Mark and Penny in your thoughts and prayers.

11/4/2020: Another former member, Laura Wiersma, recently experienced the death of her son. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

10/30/2020: Former member, Barb Carlson, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. "I had the MRI this week and the cancer hasn’t spread to the other breast but it is in the lymph node. The next step is to see the surgeon next Thursday and go from there. The doctor at Mercy thought I would need surgery, chemo and radiation. I would ask for continued prayer as we have to make some decisions and want the doctors to seek guidance from the Lord. Thank you for your continued prayers."