Website Re-Design

Notes to document website re-design changes.  Please add new info in reverse date order.
Red Text = Sue's Action Item or Question  Blue Text = Sandy's Input  Bold Green Text = Resolutions

October 11, 2014
Handbook Test ... rough draft of 2015 handbook.  Will be able to upload the Powerpoint handbook file and massage it to correct formatting.  Will probably have to copy the file to create a print copy for those who want to print the handbook from the web.  It will not print correctly as presented.  Actually just have to reverse page position of each 2 page set.  BUT will it print correctly on everyone's printers?  ALL printers are different.  Once it is figured out, should probably be saved in PDF file to put on the web?  Then have comments about which pages to print for each section of the book. 

Better idea ... copy 2 pages of material to 8.5 x 11 inch format to be printed.  Won't be printed on back of pages either!!!  A project for next spring. 

BUT ... since this is going to work, I am going to remove all the print commands and previous and next commands on the website.  I find it to be very distracting.

October 10, 2014
Committee met to finalize look of website going forward.  It was decided to remove the vertical navigation bar now.

HANDBOOK ... at the very least, the handbook information can be copied into a Google presentation (powerpoint) document!!!  This would allow for flipping through the handbook!  This might be a project for Nan DeLany!!!

Updated calendar page to show Google calendar.  Will work with Sandy to show her how to add events in this calendar.

Created 2014 archive website.  Had to name it "wgcgolf2014bv"!  Had to add the "bv" as other site name was already in use!?!  Might want to create next year's archive website in advance of that year!!!

Created 2015 archive website so 2015 News page is ready to be used!  Need to post a message explaining how to return to the WGC Home page from the news page and posts.  ALWAYS get back to home page by clicking the leftmost button on any web page!!!

October 9, 2014
Sue added Google calendar gadget to bottom of Calendar page.  Previous calendar we used has not been appearing on Sue's computer for months.  We were able to reproduce the problem on Sandy's computer.  Sue sent Sandy an evaluation of Google calendar and thinks it can replace the current tournament page.  Google calendar has many useful features.

October 8, 2014
Made changes which were the result of meeting between Sandy and Sue.  Starting point for committee meeting on Oct 10.

October 3, 2014
News feed should reside on 2015 archive site next year.  It is a hassle to copy all those news posts to an archive website at year end.  Discuss at meeting.

About Us / Member Info / New Member Info ... have to figure out what info goes where!?!
About Us is common lingo on the internet.
Member Info ... Secure site information?
New Member Info ... fill out application and provide score info?!?

Split Officers and Chairs to separate web pages?

Split Presidents and Club Champions?

Calendar?!?  It never appears on the web page for me.  Frustrating.

Where to put area Tournaments?  Link in Footer?!?!?

October 2, 2014
Flip Book software is very costly.  Flip book itself may be TOO large to use on our Google sites.  I think PDF would have to be uploaded to Google Drive.  Have to check file limitations.  Flip book file must be huge?!? 

Re-worked some of the Hall of Fame pages.  Started a new photo album only for HOF photos.

Looks like I lost links to some photos ... especially photos of hole-in-one winners!  UGH ... part of the problem in moving the News feed to an archive page.  Are we going to get photos again?  I can look for some of them but I know I deleted a lot of old information from my computer recently.  Don't know if I deleted it permanently though.  I will check.

September 2, 2014
Added Previous and Next links to Handbook website pages.  Will need something like this to easily "flip" through the Handbook.  It is just a starting point.

HOF page is currently just criteria.  This info needs to be moved to its own page titled HOF Criteria.  And then the HOF page needs to be the inductees?!?  Would be best to put each inductee on their own page.  Should probably use what handbook uses for this page with links to individuals pages.

Split Presidents and Club Champions as per Handbook?

Split Officers/Chairs and Responsibilities as per Handbook?  Photos of Officers/Chairs may not print well for individuals?

Created website footer.  Added a few WGC links and "external" links in this area.  Thinking we could put WGC links which may not fit well into the 8 primary page categories in this space?!?

Updated all historical holes-in-one pages with the actual news stories themselves and deleted the spreadsheets.  Do not recommend deleting original spreadsheets as some of the hole-in-one stories are not included in the News posts for that year!  Spreadsheets are the only original record.  Would not hurt to put them all in a holes-in-one folder ... which I did!?!  Easier to find ...

August 30, 2014
Added 2010 and 2011 newsletters to their respective archive websites.  Allowed me to delete the Newsletters/Files page.  No other information needed to be saved.

August 29, 2014
Website committee meeting!  VERY PRODUCTIVE!!!  Thanks everyone for caring and sharing!!!!!

Changed wording on Handbook page to more closely reflect actual handbook section titles.  ALL of this information will be changing once the 2015 handbook has been completed.  As of now, the website contains much more information than is contained in the handbook.

Everyone was asked to send Sue their 8 or so primary pages.  Links to these pages will be in the horizontal navigation bar.  Sponsors must be one of those links.  (However, some also wanted to keep the golf ball image link to our sponsors.)  Those links in the horizontal nav bar will take members to those primary pages.  On those pages, there will be additional links to sub-pages on the right hand side of the page.  We have to make certain that we link to ALL the rest of the website pages somewhere in those nav bars!!!

Stephanie was asked to come up with a new design for the front page.  She had a clear idea of what she thought it should look like and it was simple.  Will be an excellent starting point!  Should have design in place and discuss at another meeting.

Have another meeting to decide exactly where each of current sidebar links belongs in new navigation scheme!!!

NEWS 2015 ... create 2015 archive site including news feed?  Members will navigate to that site to read news or not?  What did we decide?  I may be wrong, but thought that the current year's News would be on original site and past year's would go on Yearly Archives.

Added Member Info and New Member Info text to About Us page.  Not certain what needs to be done with Member Info page and New Member Info page.  Really think they can be combined under the About Us page?!?

What to do with Member Info on Secure Site text?  Does not belong on an About Us page.  Add to a Website FAQ page?!?

Can change size of font in horizontal navigation bar.  Might need to change font itself to get smaller letters?  Current horizontal nav bar at 12 points is pretty long!

Can add website name to each page under graphic header.  I don't necessarily care for the "normal" font as it appears.  However, changing fonts would require that website name font and hor nav bar fonts are coordinated since they appear right next to each other!?!

Should Birdies/Eagles be moved to About Us page?  The Birdies/Eagles page is already a 3 page document.  Should be easy enough to create a link to that information IF people ever wanted to print it. 

Should the Calendar page be moved from About Us to League Play?  Calendar page includes ALL tournament info.  Need to start using a different calendar because I can never see the calendar we currently use.  Wonder how many others have difficulty?!?

Deleted all old "News" pages as approved by committee.  To find old news, look at yearly archives!  Website is now at 52% capacity!!!

August 12, 2014
Created Google documents for League Play sub-pages:  Captain's Duties, Club Rules, Club Rules by Course and Helpful Hints.  These handbook pages have not been edited for content.  Google documents have just been created and links to these documents for printing purposes have been added to the top of the pages as examples for committee meeting.

Can't really see that it is necessary to print the etiquette page?!?  What do others think?!?!?

August 10, 2014
Navigation in Handbook?
Should Handbook link be at top of subpage links above About Us, League Play and Constitution?  Easy way to navigate back to Handbook main page to go elsewhere in the online book?!?

August 9, 2014
Created Handbook (still under construction)

WILL BE DELETING RIGHT HAND NAVIGATION BAR ENTIRELY.  Will be creating links to primary pages in hor nav bar and then have sub-page links on the right hand side of those primary pages.
Want to change the navigation bar to the right hand side of the website so that it only reflect primary page links.  Sub-page links would be in a larger menu to the right hand side of primary pages and sub pages.  For examples, see larger menus to the right hand side of the following primary pages: About Us, Hall of Fame and League Play.

Formatted League Play Games page and copied to a Google document.  Put print command at the top of the web page.  Thinking this is what will happen to each Handbook section on the website?

Also ... need to re-organize Games page into 1, 2 and 4 player game sections!  Done ... I think?  Handbook committee will determine final text for Games page.

August 2, 2014
Created Yearly Archives (still under construction)
Copied News feeds for each year to yearly google sites.  Waiting to delete News feeds on primary site until committee approves changes.  Done!

Subpages (1): Handbook Test