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Rules: Play Day

Updated:  March 8, 2016
All play will be conducted under the current USGA Revised Rules of Golf except for the following rules, definitions and clarifications. Please refer any disputes to the Rules Committee or the host Professional. (See number 4 below.)

See also specific course rules especially as regards drop zones.
  1. All putts in individual play must be holed. Continuous putting is encouraged. If you lift your ball before putting out but place your ball back in its original location and putt out, it is a one (1) stroke penalty for lifting your ball without marking (see USGA Rule 20-1). If you fail to hole out and do not correct the mistake before teeing at the next hole or, in the case of the last hole of the round before you leave the putting green, you will be disqualified. See USGA Rule #3-2.
  2. Cancellations: Members are responsible for letting the pairings committee weekly contact and her team captain know if she is unable to play after pairings are published. Members are encouraged to contact the pairings committee weekly contact as soon as possible if a cancellation is necessary . Cancellations called into the pairings committee weekly contact after pairings are completed will incur NO PENALTY. No Shows on play days will be removed from the sign-up sheet for the next regular play day. (Note: Regular play days do not include Special Tournaments.) No Shows are defined as “members who do not notify the pairings committee weekly contact or the clubhouse prior to start of play.” This penalty applies whether or not the play day is cancelled or not completed for any reason.
  3. Doubt as to Procedure: USGA Rule 3.3. In stroke play only, when a competitor is doubtful of her rights or procedure, she may, without penalty, play a second ball. The competitor should announce to her fellow competitors her decision and the ball with which she will score if the Rule permits. The competitor must report the facts in all cases to the Rules Committee when returning her scorecard. If she fails to do so, she is disqualified. DO NOT SIGN the scorecard UNTIL the decision has been made.
  4. Maximum of 14 clubs allowed. USGA Rule #4-4.
  5. Preferred or improved lie is allowed through the green (the whole area of the course except teeing ground, putting green and hazards). The ball may be lifted and placed within 12 inches, no nearer the hole. The ball is in play when placed, and may not be moved again to a more desirable position. Penalties may be incurred if ball is lifted a second or third time. If the ball is cleaned, it must be marked before lifting. Penalty for breach of rule: Match Play, loss of hole; Stroke Play, two strokes. NOTE: USGA makes no distinction between rough and fairway; Decision Rule of Golf p. 374 24-2B-8.
  6. Scramble Events: The first player will play the ball as it lies in a hazard/bunker (if that is the ball selected). Each subsequent player will DROP her ball in the hazard/bunker and play her ball as it lies. If selected shot is played from a bunker, rough, fairway, each team member must do the same.
  7. Use of GPS: Sky Caddies and other range finders without slope capability in use are allowed in League play.
  8. Tee Markers have been discussed and it was requested that we allow the first group on each tee to reset the markers if they are set so far back that one does not have the two club lengths back as stipulated by the USGA or if there might be a sprinkler head that interferes with players’ stances. So if you are on your first tee and the markers do not conform to the above description, you may reset them to allow the two club lengths back and away from sprinkler heads. Please remember this applies only to your first tee box.
  9. “Walk Up To Play”: If, for whatever reason, you find on the day of play that you CAN play, go to the Pro Shop of the course being played at least 30 minutes prior to tee time. Check with a Pairings representative or check-in employee. If there is any conceivable space, you will be allowed to play. However, you are not eligible for closest to the pin or prize monies. You may not be placed in your regular flight but you will get to play with your friends in the WGC!  The handicap committee will not enter your score. It is your responsibility to record your score for this day.
  10. Play It Forward (PIF): Play It Forward was developed by the USGA to encourage golfers all over the country to keep playing golf for as long as they are willing and able, and to make the game more enjoyable. Your WGC Board along with the Golf Division have adopted and promote this suggestion from the USGA for our members. An additional set of tee boxes that are marked with a paver stone have been placed into a level spot in the fairway. The cart paths have also been marked to help locate these tee boxes. These tee boxes are forward of the #4 tee boxes on most par 4’s and all par 5’s on all 18 hole golf courses in Bella Vista. A member may elect to play from this tee box by merely signing up to play them.  There are no restrictions as to who may or may not play from this tee box. Each course has been handicapped for play from these tee boxes and those handicaps will be used to score each game where applicable. Any member playing from this tee box will be scored with the appropriate flight for their handicap. PIF tee boxes will not be used in scramble games.