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Rules: Local

Revised 3/21/16
  1. All no mow areas (native grass) and flower plots are to be treated as a lateral hazard.
  2. The no mow line is considered the hazard line.
  3. Birdhouse posts painted red, white or yellow to be treated as Hazard stakes
  4. Unmarked Rock Drainage is Ground Under Repair (GUR) .
  5. All fans are temporary immovable obstructions and relief for intervention (line of sight) as well as lie of ball, stance, and area of intended swing.
  6. The natural hazard (cut bank, rock edge or water edge) is the hazard line.
  7. Bridges over hazards are part of the hazard.
  8. Should line of sight between hazard stakes intersect with the no mow area or natural hazard the hazard will be defined by the no mow line or the natural hazard line at the point of intersect. In the absence of a mow line the hazard stakes are the line.
  9. Washed out areas in sand bunkers are played as GUR. Drop in sand bunker no closer to hole.
  10. Rocks in sand bunkers are considered loose impediments and can be removed.
  11. Multi colored stakes (White and Red, Yellow and Red, etc.) are hazard transition stakes.