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Two Club

The 2-Club is a golf group where anyone can become a member.  The only requirement for membership is that you score a gross "2" while playing with a 2-Club member or members.  It's a game you'll find in all parts of the country.
The rules are simple.  First, you must score a gross 2 (usually a birdie on a par 3) AND ASK if anyone is a member of the 2-Club.  Second, if so, you pay each 2-Club member $1 and you are then a member for life. 

Once you are a 2-Club member, the next time you score a "2", you must ask if anyone in your two, three or foursome is a 2-Club member.  If there are any, EACH OWES YOU $1.  Thereafter, if you are playing with someone who scores a "2", you either receive a dollar from them, if they wish to join, or YOU PAY them $1 if they are already a member.   Remember, if you score a "2" on a hole and ARE NOT playing with a 2-Club member, YOU CANNOT JOIN THE CLUB yet.

Official 2-Club pins will be available for purchase at cost from the Awards Chair.  Some of our BVWGC members have added a little slant on 2-Club membership.  Every time someone gives them a dollar, they ask them to sign it.  If she has to give that member a dollar back, she tries to return the same dollar.

You don't have to wait until league play starts in April.  Anytime you are playing and meet ALL membership requirements, you may become a member of the 2-Club.  We have several BVWGC members who are members of the 2-Club.  So you never know when your chance to join will arise.  It's not complicated; it's on the "honor" system; it's optional; and it's FUN!