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Sign Up List

Below is the sign up list of those who have signed up online to play.  These lists are automatically sorted by date and alphabetically by name as soon as you sign up.  There are date tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  Click on a date tab to go to the sign up list for the date you would like to check.  

For instructions regarding problems, please read information below the sign up list spreadsheet.

Click to open original Sign Up List by Dates spreadsheet. 
(Allows mobile phone users to see their responses!)

Click to open the original Form Response spreadsheet not sorted by date.

If for some reason you do not see your name on the proper date tab, first please refresh your screen by clicking the circle with the arrow on it in your browser's address line.  If one's name still does not appear in the list or if one is having problems viewing the spreadsheet, click on this spreadsheet link to open a new window showing the updated Sign Up List.  If you are asked to sign into Google, please use your personal gmail information.

If problems persist, please let us know by contacting either Pairings Chair Sue Jacobson or Karen Owens.

If you have any questions regarding your sign up status or if issues arise after the sign up deadline but before Pairings are done on Mondays at 3pm, please CALL one of the Pairings Chairs, Sue Jacobson or Karen Owens.  

If you have any questions regarding the Pairings once they are posted around 7pm Monday evenings, please contact the Pairings Committee Contact as noted on the Pairings~Results web page.  This person will be your contact for Pairings issues until Thursday morning.  On Thursday morning, we would appreciate it if you would call the Pro Shop at the course to be played that day.