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During the WGC season, the website’s sign up form will list the next three Thursday play dates. Online sign ups must be submitted by 7pm on the Saturday evening prior to the play date. You will not be able to sign up online AFTER 7pm on Saturday for the next week’s play.

How to Sign Up Online Using the Form

To sign up online, click on a “Sign Up” link on the website. The link is found at the top of every WGC website page under the website title/header. Please enter all the information requested on the sign up form. Comments are optional.

Last Name and First Name
Note that last names are requested first.  

Play Date?
Select a Play Date by clicking on the button for that date. You may only select one Play Date per form. If you want to sign up for more than one play day, submit multiple form responses.

Select either the “Red”, the "Gold" or the “Cancel” response.

  • Please keep your comments brief.
  • Remember to hit the “Submit” button or your information will not be saved. 
  • Double-check that your sign up data was sent and received by checking the Sign Up list.

How to Check the Sign Up List
To check the online sign up list, click on a “Sign Up List” link on the website. One link is found at the top of the Sign Up website page. The list is sorted by date and alphabetically by name.  If your name does not appear in the information, please try to sign up again.  If problems persist, please call one of the Pairings chairs.

How to Check to See If You Already Signed Up
If you are not sure if you signed up for a play date, check the sign up list first. The list is automatically sorted by date and alphabetically by name.

How to Cancel Online

If you signed up to play and have a change in plans, please submit a form and select “Cancel” to the “Play?” question for that date. If you cancel online and are then able to play, call the pairings committee contact or chair.

If you have any questions regarding your sign up status or if issues arise after the sign up deadline, consult the Weekly Timeline on the Pairings~Results page to see which contact should be called. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have questions or comments concerning the online sign-up process, contact Sue Jacobson or Susan Nuttall.

I don't have access to a computer.  How do I sign up?
If you are not able to sign up online because you do not have access to a computer or smart phone, call a friend who does!  The Pairings Chairs, President and VP will always be happy to sign you up or cancel as needed.

The form didn't show up on the Sign Up Page.  What do I do?
IF the sign up form is not visible,  please contact a Pairings Chair.

I signed up, then canceled and now I want to sign up again.  What do I do?
This can get a little tricky. Please consult the Weekly Timeline on the Pairings~Results page to see which contact should be called. 

I realized after the Saturday cutoff that I forgot to sign up and still want to play.  What can I do?
Please consult the Weekly Timeline on the Pairings~Results page to see which contact should be called.