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Sign Up Support

During the WGC season, the website’s sign up form will list the next three Thursday play dates. Online sign ups must be submitted by 7pm on the Sunday evening prior to the play date. (Example: If you want to play on April 25th, you must sign up online by 7pm on Sunday, April 21st.) You will not be able to sign up online AFTER 7pm on Sundays for the next week’s play.

How to Sign Up Online Using the Form

To sign up online, click on a “Sign Up” link on the website. The link is found at the top of every WGC website page under the website title/header.

Please enter all the information requested on the sign up form. Comments are optional.

Last Name and First Name
Note that last names are requested first.  

Play Date?
Select a Play Date by clicking on the button for that date. You may only select one Play Date per form. If you want to sign up for more than one play day, you will have to submit multiple form responses.

Select either the “Red”, the "Gold" or the “Cancel” response.

Please keep your comments brief.

Remember to hit the “Submit” button or your information will not be saved.

Double-check that your sign up data was sent and received by checking the Sign Up list.

How to Check the Sign Up List

To check the online sign up list, click on a “Sign Up List” link on the website. One link is found at the top of the Sign Up website page. New entries are found at the bottom of the list until the sign up list has been sorted. If you don't see your name alphabetically by date, make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see your information.

How to Check to See If One Has Already Signed Up

If you are not sure if you signed up for a play date, check the sign up list first. The list is frequently sorted alphabetically by date. So if you signed up, your name will either be at the bottom of the list or will be alphabetically sorted by play date.

How to Cancel Online

If you signed up to play and have a change in plans, please submit a form and select “Cancel” to the “Play?” question for that date. If you cancelled online and are then able to play, you will need to call the pairings committee.

If you have any questions regarding your sign up status or if issues arise after the sign up deadline, CALL the Pairings Committee contact listed for that week’s play.  Her name and phone number can be found on the Pairings page on the POA website.  To find this page, go to the POA Golf Associations web page.  The "Pairings\Results" links are directly below the "18 Hole Women's Golf" title.

Sign Up Tips

Please don’t sign up too far in advance of play as our lives change constantly. If you are signed up, you can always cancel if necessary.

If you are not able to sign up online because you do not have access to a computer or smart phone for any reason, call a friend who does!  Also each year the WGC will assign a couple of people to receive calls from people who do not have computer access.  These people will be happy to sign you up online to play or cancel your play.

If you have questions or comments concerning the online sign up process, please be sure to contact any member of your website committee!

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