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Rules You Should Know

Taking Relief
1. A ball is lost if not found in three minutes. (See Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf 18.2a)
2. Dropping procedure. Place your ball. (See BVWGC Local Play Day Rule 1.)
3. Lost Ball/Out of Bounds. You now have 3 options playing with BVWGC.
a. Stroke and Distance, hit again from original location (because you KNOW the Ball is lost or OB). 1 Penalty stroke.
b. Provisional (original Ball MAY be lost or OB). 1 Penalty stroke.
c. New Local Rule, Place the ball in the fairway relief area. 2 Penalty strokes. (See BVWGC Local Rule 5.)
Areas of the Course
1. Penalty Areas. Red and Yellow marked areas are called ‘Penalty Areas’. (See Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf 17.)
a. Loose impediments. You can remove loose twigs, leaves, stones and other natural objects without penalty. But if the ball
being played moves and is anywhere except on the green, put it back with 1 penalty stroke. You cannot move or touch your
ball intentionally in a penalty area. (See Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf 15).
b. Actions allowed on the course, you may ground your club LIGHTLY in front of or behind behind the ball (not in the
bunker), you may take a practice swing, being careful to not improve your lie or swing path. (See Player’s Edition of Rules
of Golf Rule 8... 8.1a Actions That Are Not Allowed, 8.1b Actions That Are Allowed... review these pages).
2. Putting Green
a. Flagstick, putting with an unattended flagstick left in the hole. No penalty if a ball played from the putting green (or anywhere
else) hits the unattended flagstick in the hole. (See Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf 11 & 13)
b. Repairing Damage. You are allowed to repair damage such as pitch-marks, footprints, spike marks, old hole plugs etc. without
penalty on the green. However, aeration holes and natural imperfections cannot be repaired. See Player’s Edition of the
Rules of Golf 13).
3. Bunkers
a. Unplayable Ball. If a player declares a ball in the bunker unplayable, the player has four options to drop a ball. For a 2
stroke penalty, the player may choose the option to go back on the extension of the line from the hole to the ball outside the
bunker as far back as you like. All other options have a 1 stroke penalty. (See Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf 19).
4. No Play Zone. (Bella Vista Local Rules #3). All mulched and pine needle areas, and flower plots (landscaped areas) are considered No
Play Zones. Mandatory drop, no penalty, no nearer the hole.

Ball in Motion
1. Double Hit. Player accidentally hits the ball more than once during a stroke. No penalty. (See Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf 10.1a)

1. Interference occurs when a ball lies in or on an obstruction or so close that it interferes with the player’s stance or swing. Cart paths, sprinkler head, bird houses, metal sprinkler box, fans or other artificial objects are immovable obstructions. You may either play your ball as it lies or take free relief. To take relief, you must find the nearest point of complete relief from the artificial object and drop your original ball or another ball away from the object and within one club-length of that point not nearer the hole (see Player’s Edition of the Rule of Golf 16.1).