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What YOU Need to Know Before Play Day

Updated: March 30, 2019

All play will be conducted under the current USGA Revised Rules of Golf except for the following rules, definitions and clarifications. Please refer any disputes to the Rules Committee or the host Professional. 

See also Special Course Conditions (page 17 in your handbook) especially regarding drop zones.

1. Membership Play Day Procedures

a. Captain is designated on the pairings list and is responsible for checking in her group at the Pro Shop, paying green and cart fees and picking up the cart tags. Captain will pay closest to the pin (CTP) fees and pick up official scorecards at the CTP table. Fees should be collected from the group before play begins. Captains are also responsible for “Ready Golf” for the day. Keep moving. Captain see Captain’s Duties on page 11.

b. Participants must arrive at the Pro Shop at least 30 minutes prior to tee time. 

c. If a play day is cancelled for any reason, an email will be sent to those members with email. A notification will also be prominently posted on the website. Those without email will be called by the Communications Committee. 

2. Sign Up and Pairings
a. Declare Tee Box: All BVWGC members will be asked to declare play from either the Red or Gold Tee Boxes. You will be able to make one change during the year which needs to be submitted in writing to the President or Vice President. If a second change needs to occur, it will have to be approved by President and Vice President.

b. Online Sign Up: Members sign up online at the club’s website ( ) or by using the Golfsoftware App loaded on a smart device. Contact Pairings Chair, Vice President or President for assistance with any issues.

c. Online Sign Up Deadline: Online sign ups must be submitted by 7pm on the Saturday evening prior to the play date. (Example: If you want to play on Thursday, April 11th, you need to sign up online by 7pm on Saturday, April 6th.) See Pairings Timetable below for information regarding sign up after Saturday evenings. Sign ups for weekly play dates three weeks in advance will be available online.

d. Sign In To Sign Up: To sign up, click on the “Sign Up” button in the horizontal navigation bar under the BVWGC website header or open the Golfsoftware App on a smart device. Once on the Golf Software site, click on the green Sign in box at the top right of the screen. 

Select to “Sign in as a Golfer”. 
In the GSID# box, put a “1”.
In the ##### box, put your POA number without the leading zeros.
The password is “signupnow”.  
Click the green Sign in button.

Scroll down the list of play days to find the date and, when necessary, tee box color for the tournament you want to sign up for. (When gold and red tee players play together, there will only be one tournament. Individual games will be noted in separate Red and Gold Tournaments.)

Click on the Details box to the right of the tournament you wish to enter.
Click on Sign up followed by Sign up for tournament.
You will be asked to verify sign up with YES, sign up.
The Details box color will turn to gold when you have signed up to play.

To CANCEL before 7pm Saturday, go to the Details box and follow prompts for REMOVAL.

e. Pairings Timeline: Online sign up is available until 7pm Saturday evening. Additions to tournament play are possible on Sundays and Mondays before Pairings by contacting the Pairings Chair directly via phone call, text or email. Pairings will be available Monday evenings online in the Golfsoftware App and will be emailed to all members who are signed up to play that week.

f. Cancellations: After Pairings are posted, members are responsible for letting the Weekly Pairings Committee Contact and her Team Captain know she is unable to play. Please contact Pairings Committee as soon as possible if cancellation is necessary. If there is a need to cancel Thursday morning, call the course directly.

No Shows on play days will be removed from the sign up information for the next regular play day. (Note: Regular play days do not include Special Tournaments.) No Shows are defined as “members who do not notify the Pairings Committee Weekly Contact or the course of play for that week prior to start of play.” The penalty applies whether or not the play day is cancelled or not completed for any reason.

g. Additions: If you are able to play after pairings are posted to the website, notify the Weekly Pairings Committee Contact. She will make every effort to schedule you into play but cannot guarantee a spot as openings are limited.

h. Walk Up to Play on Thursday: If you are able to play on Thursday morning, go to the course 30 minutes prior to play and check with the Scoring Chair. If there is any space available, you will be allowed to play. However, you will not be eligible for CTP or prize monies and you may not be placed in your regular flight. In addition, the Handicap committee will NOT enter your score. It is your responsibility to record your score for the day.

Please see pages 15-17 for BVWGC Play Day Rules and information for BVWGC play.