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Rules: Local

Updated March, 2019
1. All native grass areas are to be treated as a Penalty Area.

2. All permanent Red and Yellow Penalty Area stakes are considered Immovable Obstructions. Free relief of swing, stance and line of sight, no closer to the hole, without improving the condition of play. For example, if your ball is in the Penalty Area, relief must be taken within the Penalty Area.

3. All mulched and pine needle areas, and flower pots are considered No Play Zones.  Mandatory drop, no penalty, no nearer the hole.

4. Unmarked rock drainage is considered Ground Under Repair.

5. All birdhouses and greenside fans are considered Temporary Immovable Obstructions.  Free relief of swing, stance and line of sight.

6. Washed out areas in bunkers may be played as Ground Under Repair.  Free relief by dropping ball back in bunker no closer to the hole.