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2019 March Rules as Tools Workshop agenda

posted Apr 1, 2019, 7:12 PM by Sher Barns   [ updated Apr 2, 2019, 7:33 AM by BV WGC ]
The agenda contains all of the links to the videos that were played at the workshop.

Messages delivered at the workshop:
Ellen Shelley, welcome! Thanks for all attending, Thanks to the Rules Committee (names).
Ruth Hatcher, spoke about the ATP tournament, ask for volunteers. Look for the flyers and information coming from the Golf Updates.
Keith Ihms, Course Maintenance, no major projects planned for 2019. Please fix divots on the green, sand those in the fairway, play course and leave as you find it. Always feel free to call his department for questions or to let them know of any course area that needs attention. His office is always open.
Lisa Vines, ‘Spirit of the Game’. What does that mean to you... many definitions can be found, almost all have 3 words to describe it, Honestly, Integrity and Courtesy.
Honestly...Golf is play without a referee or supervision for the most part. Therefore we need to know, understand the rules of golf as best as possible and play by them. Respect the game and fellow players. 
Integrity....Remember the ‘Golden Rule’ for the golfer too. Every golfer be treated as they would want to be treated.
Courtesy....Maybe this should be listed first, most important in my mind! All players play with sportsmanship and etiquette. Play in a disciplined manner, respect and sportsmanship no matter how competitive you might be.
Darryl Muldoon, introductions to staff. Please stay in touch, ask questions, feel free to call him or them on questions about playing or rules. Call him anytime you begin to hear rumors about golf, let him know and have a chance to comment.
Play with the Spirit of the Game. Play by the rules, but remember we are all learning and the rules are even still evolving. So play for the love of the game and support each other while going through this time of change. 
Gavin SmithAlex Stanford and Darryl cover many of the changes using videos, illustrations and local course photos of locations that situations tend to occur. (All links are contained in the agenda link above).