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Rules: Special Course Conditions

Updated:  March 30, 2019
Country Club #13 - Sod farm, right of the cart path, is A No Play Zone. You must take a free drop, one club length at nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole. (see Player’s Edition of the Rule of Golf 16 and Bella Vista Local Rule #3).

Dogwood Hills
#13 - Cement bridge and cement spillway are part of penalty area; (see Player’s Edition of the Rule of Golf 17.1d).

#2 - The new protective barriers at the edge of penalty areas are immovable obstructions, USGA Rule 16.
#8 - If the ditch 80 yards or so in front of the red tee has water in it, play as casual water and drop behind the ditch, no penalty.
#12 - If the ball comes to rest on the cart path, it may be played from the drop area, no penalty.

#8 - When water is present in the indented area on the right side of the fairway, play as casual water. 

BVWGC Drop Areas have been designated at the following course with a one stroke penalty: Country Club - Hole #5.
Course Drop Zones: All course marked dropped zones are used by BVWGC.

New yardage markers on all courses MAY be played as temporary immovable obstructions.
As an additional alternative, if ball lies in a penalty area, you may (not must) elect to hit from the drop area, adding a one stroke penalty.

Rock Rule (BVWGC Local Rule)
If you find yourself in a rocky area on any of our golf courses, you may take relief as you would in Ground Under Repair: Move your ball to the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole. To proceed properly, you should mark the spot where your ball lies in the rocks, find your nearest point of relief, place the ball, check that your fellow competitor agrees that you are taking proper relief, remove the mark and play on. The Rock Rule will not apply if your ball is in a penalty area.