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Rules: Special Course Conditions

Updated:  March 2018
Country Club #13
Sod farm, right of the cart path, is GROUND UNDER REPAIR. You are allowed a free drop, one club length at nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole. USGA Rule 25.

Dogwood Hills
#13 - Cement bridge and cement spillway are part of water hazard; see USGA Rule 26-1 on relief options.

#8 - If the ditch 80 yards or so in front of the red tee has water in it, play as casual water and drop behind the ditch, no penalty.
#12 - If the ball comes to rest on the cart path, it may be played from the drop area, no penalty.
#2 and #13 - The new protective barriers at the edge of hazards are immovable obstructions, USGA Rule 24.

#8 - When water is present in the indented area on the right side of the fairway, play as casual water.

BVWGC Drop Areas have been designated at the following course with a one stroke penalty:
Country Club - Holes #2 and #5.
Course Drop Zones: All course marked dropped zones are used by BVWGC.