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Helpful Hints

Birdies and Eagles
Pins will be awarded to members upon scoring their FIRST birdie and/or eagle during regular Thursday play days.  They must be identified on the scorecard.  Notify the scoring committee on play day.  These awards may be won only once during membership years.

All BVWGC members MUST ride in a cart.  If a player does not own a private cart registered in the village or have a yearly seat lease in the village, she must either pay the POA for half a cart if it is a lease cart or pay for her half seat to the owner of the private cart.  Member should pay the captain for cart seat and green fee.

Cart Partners - How do you know with whom you are riding on a play day?
The pairings in the paper or on the internet tell you that.   Generally, the 1st person listed in the pairings is responsible for providing the cart for the 2nd person, her cart partner;  the 3rd person provides the cart for the 4th, her cart partner.  The captain may change this order if circumstances so dictate.

Each Thursday a player may pay a dollar to try for closest to the flagstick on designated par threes.  Prizes are given only to those players paying their dollar.  A player must be on the green with her first stroke to be eligible.  When monies for Closest-to-the-Pin are NOT distributed, due to play being cancelled for any reason, the monies will go to the designated charities.

Equitable Stroke Control
(ESC) is the downward adjustment of individual scores for handicap purposes. It is the maximun number that a player can post on any hole and is used ONLY when a player's actual or "most likely score" exceeds that player's maximum number. There is no limit to the number of holes you can adjust.

Equitable Stroke Control Chart

    Course Handicap ... Maximum Score
                      0-9 ...   Double Bogey
10-19 ... 7
20-29 ... 8
30-39 ... 9
40 or more ... 10

To be eligible for the Hole-in-One prize monies, you must have paid your "hole-in-one" money to the membership chair AND you must have completed the 18 holes of golf on one of the 18 hole Bella Vista golf courses where you shot your hole-in-one.  The scorecard must be attested by at least one of your playing partners.  The scorecard or a copy of the card must be given to the membership chair.  Eligibility is from fall meeting to fall meeting.

Pairings for a play day are usually done Monday afternoon preceding the play day.  Pairings will be available on our Golf Software site and will be emailed to those players playing that Thursday. 

Cancellations called into the Pairings Committee Contact after pairings are completed will incur NO PENALTY.  No Shows on play days will be removed from the sign-up sheet for the *next regular play day.  (*Regular play day does not include Special Tournaments.)  No Shows are defined as "members who do not notify the Pairings Committee Contact or the clubhouse prior to start of play".  This penalty applies whether or not the play day is cancelled or not completed for any reason.    Members are encouraged to contact the pairings committee contact as soon as possible if a cancellation is necessary.  A member is responsible for letting the team captain and the Pairings Committee Contact know if you are unable to play after pairings are published.  

Prize Money
Prize money certificates are for the entire month's winnings and are placed in the Prize Box only once a month (around the 10th).  Money WILL be combined so you do not get a certificate for each win.  No member may receive more than one prize on a play day excluding special events, such as closest to the pin, longest drive, etc.

In league play on Thursdays, please read and follow the scoring instructions found at the bottom of the official scorecards. These instructions change each week according to the game being played.  After play is complete, please make certain that players' scores on the 2 scorecards are identical hole by hole. Additionally, it will always be necessary to total each player's gross score.  Scorecards not signed by two people subject the player(s) to disqualification and the possible loss of prize monies.

Website Sign Up Information
To sign up online, click on the "Sign Up" link in the horizontal navigation bar under the website header and it will take you to our Golf Software site.  The website lists the next three Thursday play dates.  Online sign ups must be submitted by 7 pm on the Saturday evening prior to the play date. (Example: If you want to play on April 14th, you must sign up online by 7 pm on Saturday, April 9th.  You will not be able to sign up online AFTER 7 pm on Saturdays for the next week's play.) 
Click here for further instructions about signing up on the Golf Software portal.