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The Bella Vista Women's Golf Club, in the Spirit of the Game, has adopted the Etiquette slogan ...
"Be Courteous, Be Ready, Be Kind to the Course"

Etiquette is a combination of respect and consideration.  
Applying those two attributes to any golf situation will invariably result in the correct action. 
The following are reminders of that slogan:  
  • Respect the Game! Learn and use the game's rules and etiquette. THINK ahead, THINK, how can I be more ready?
  • Make a conscious effort to watch everyone's ball.
  • Quiet, please! Never talk during a player's swing or putt.
  • If you think your ball is lost or OB, announce and hit a PROVISIONAL ball from the same spot.
  • Take your practice swings facing away from other players - pebbles or twigs hurt.
Pace of Play - we strive for a 4-hour round 
  • Play READY golf, tee through green.
  • Play decisively, don't wait to be told. Continuous putting is encouraged.
  • Thinking AHEAD keeps you from falling BEHIND. Slow play is no fun for anyone. 
  • Don't keep everyone waiting while you replace clubs or head covers. Try to do this unobtrusively during someone else's shot or on the way to the next tee.
  • On a par 4, if the group ahead of you is on the green when you reach the tee, you are falling behind.
Be a Steward of the Course
  • Repair Ball Marks on the Green.  If someone else forgot, repair that one too.
  • Fill divots on the tees and fairways with sand.  Do not try to replace the grass.
  • The 90-degree rule for carts is extremely important to the health and growth of the fairway turf.  Drive Responsibly.
  • Rake bunkers - Please leave the rake in the bunker in Bella Vista 
  • Park your carts on the NEXT TEE side of the green. Record your scores when you get to the next tee.
  • If carts are 'on path', take 3 clubs to your ball, ie, you think your shot is a 6 iron, then take the 5 and 7 irons as well.
  • If carts aren't 'on path', it is ok to walk to your ball with the clubs you'll need while your playing partner is making her club selection (assuming you are NOT directly in front of her).
  • Keep carts in assigned areas away from greens and hazards.
On the Green
  • Never walk through another player's putting line; step over or walk around (behind) her ball.
  • The first player to putt out should retrieve the flagstick and replace it when the last player putts out.
  • Be aware of your shadow on the putting green. Stand so that it does not interfere with the player or her putting line.
  • Remain on the green side until ALL of your group has finished putting.
Further information regarding golf etiquette is available on the USGA website.