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Captain's Duties

Updated:  May 12, 2017
Pairings will be posted on the Country Club bulletin board and linked on the WGC website ( to the Bella Vista POA Golf web page.

The first person listed is the CAPTAIN. Responsibilities include:
● Contacting all members of foursome before play day and arranging carts and payment of greens fees.
● Paying green fees for all in the group and collecting from those players before play.* 
    Know who has Photo ID cards and who is riding in a rental cart.
● Picking up the official scorecards for the group.
● Keeping team moving - Play “Ready Golf”!

Scorecard responsibilities include:
● Read all instructions at the top of scorecard for the game being played to your group.
● Have at least two people keeping score.
● Make sure that a gross score is written for each person on each hole.
● Make sure the NET scores are recorded for each person when handicaps are used.
● Verify each score with the competitors.
● Circle the hole scores when there is a birdie or eagle. Write “birdie” or “eagle” on the scorecard.
● Total the gross score for each player. Total net scores when used for the game.
● Circle scores that exceed a person’s maximum score and adjust score for ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) for the handicap committee to post (see Policies on this website or page 15 in the Handbook). Circle adjusted gross score to be posted.
● Make sure that there are two signatures on each scorecard to be eligible for prizes.
● Give official scorecards to the Scoring Committee at the clubhouse.

Captains’ duties will continue to include coordinating payment for their foursome’s greens fees each week.  Since there is a wide range of greens fees payment options, it is important that captains check with each of their players to determine what each of them is responsible for paying.  Greens fee payments should be determined before Thursday morning so that accommodations can be made for payment on Thursday morning.

There are several ways to accommodate payment of greens fees.  Listed below are some of those options.

1.  For those captains who would like cash in advance of going in to pay for their 4somes, please ask your paying players to meet you with their cash a minimum of 30 minutes before the shotgun start.  
2.  If a player who owes money for greens fees wishes to use a credit card, the captain can choose to delegate to that person the responsibility to go in and pay for the entire 4some.  Whoever goes in to pay for the 4some needs to also get the scorecards and give them to the original captain.

3.  If there is only one player in a foursome who needs to pay for herself because all the other players have Annual Golf Green Fees, the captain could delegate to that player the responsibility to go in to the pro shop to pay for the 4some.  Again, whoever goes in to pay for the 4some needs to also get the scorecards.

If you are a player who has to pay to play each week, please try to think in advance to make arrangements with your captain concerning this payment.  Advance coordination of greens fees payments will make Thursday mornings before play go more smoothly for everyone!