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Captain's Duties

Updated: March 30, 2019

Pairings will be posted on the BVWGC website (www.bvwgc.comand will be sent late Monday via email before play date.

Captain is designated on the pairings list. Responsibilities include:
● Checking in her group at the Pro Shop, paying green and cart fees and picking up the cart tags.
● Paying Closest to the Pin (CTP) fees and picking up official scorecards at the CTP table for all in the group.
● Collecting from those players before play.
● Keeping team moving - Play “Ready Golf”!

Scorecard responsibilities include:
● Read all instructions at the BOTTOM RIGHT of scorecard for the game being played to your group.
● Have at least two people keeping score.
● Make sure that a GROSS SCORE is written for each person on each hole.
● Verify HOLE by HOLE score and TOTAL with the competitors. (If the scorecards do not match, the team or individual will be disqualified.)
● Circle the hole scores when there is a birdie or eagle. Write “birdie” or “eagle” on the scorecard.
● Total the GROSS SCORE for each player.
● Two signatures are required on each scorecard.
● Give official scorecards to the Scoring Committee at the clubhouse.