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BVWGC Play Day Rules

1. Preferred or improved lie is allowed through the green (the whole area of the course except teeing ground, putting greens and penalty areas). The ball may be lifted and placed within 12 inches, no nearer the hole. NOTE: There is no distinction between rough and fairway. They are both considered ‘The General Area’ of the course as defined in the areas of the course. NOTE: USGA Rules of Golf p 23 2.2a.

2. Scramble events: The first player will play the ball as it lies in a penalty area/bunker (if that is the ball selected). Each subsequent player will PLACE her ball in the penalty area/bunker and play her ball as it lies. If selected shot is played from a bunker, rough, fairway, each team member must do the same.

3. Tee Markers: The first group on each tee may reset the tee markers if they are set so far back that the player does not have the two club lengths back as stipulated by the USGA or if there might be a sprinkler head that interferes with player’s stance. Please remember this applies only to your first tee box.

4. BVWGC will abide by any Local Rules provided by Golf Operations. Please review specific rules for each course.

5. BVWGC will adopt the local rule for lost ball / out of bounds option for taking relief. For two penalty strokes, the player may take relief by dropping the original ball or another ball in this relief area (see Rule 14.3).