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Website FAQ

To get to the WGC home page from anywhere on the website, click the leftmost button in the horizontal navigation bar below the website header which says "WGC Home."

Viewing and Printing

It seems that most viewing (flyers) and printing (all documents) problems have been rectified.  If you are still having problems, please let us know.

Member Information on Private Website

Membership contact and personal information is not only available in your membership directory but also on the internet on a separate private website. After the WGC directory is printed each year, new member contact information as well as changes to directory member information will also be available on the private site.  

Access to Private Member Site

The link to the member private site can be found on the Notes page at the back of your Handbook. Once you get to the site, it is a good idea to bookmark the site for future use. If you need further assistance accessing the site, please contact the website chair.

It is our hope that every member will eventually have a personal profile page on our private site. If you do not have a profile page on the site but would like one, please contact either Marianne Smyth (smythmari54@gmail.com) or Sher Barns (sbarns73@gmail.com).