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If you have anything to add to TLC, please contact Courtesy, Marilyn Fabits   or Sandy Trigg 

2018 News of Members and Their Families

11/5/18:  Barb Forsyth will undergo hip replacement surgery at NW in Bentonville.  Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  She said there is a possibility that she could go home that same day if certain criteria are accomplished.

10/21/18:  Biddy Pyle's mother-in-law Marie passed away peacefully this morning.  She had lived with cancer for quite awhile.  Our sympathies go out to Biddy and her husband Tom.

10/13/18:  Barb Westfall's husband Bob was transferred from the nursing home to their home on 10/12. He passed the next day. Please keep Barb and her family in your thoughts and prayers. 
There will be a memorial service on 10/26, 11:00 at the Village Baptist Church. From Barb "At a later date, I will take his ashes to be interrred in a military ceremony at the United States Naval Academy Columbarium. This is where Bob graduated in 1961 and started his 20 year career in Nuclear Submarine Service."

10/10/18: Sarah and Bob Prazak's son-in-law passed away unexpectedly.  Please keep the family in your prayers.

10/8/18:  Jan Simms had knee surgery.  The surgery went well and she was to go home on the 11th.  Let Jan know you are thinking of her.

10/1/18:  Bobbie Platt's (WGC President 2005) husband, Bill passed away this morning.  Funeral will be Saturday, October 6th, 4:00pm at the Bella Vista Funeral Home.

9/22/18: from Mary Riorden: Please keep Marilyn and Joe Fabits in your prayers. The doctors discovered a large mass in Joe's throat that has paralyzed part of his vocal cords. They will be seeing a specialist next week and a biopsy will be done soon. Marilyn will be gone next Tuesday so that she can take him to the doctor. Please keep them in your prayers.

9/19/18: Mary Teller is back at home with her daughter and son-in-law staying with her this week. She is pretty tired, and after daughter leaves, Mary will have home health care and PT. Keep the cards and prayers coming.

9/14/18: from Myrlene Zimmerman - "Sandy Casebolt came through her surgery to insert stints in her right leg to improve circulation okay but still has to go back and have more surgery on her left leg and get more stints put in. She doesn't know yet when this will occur. Please keep her in your heart and prayers. She is at home but very tired. Cards would be nice and appreciated."

9/10/18: from Mary Riorden - Just got word that Mary Teller is back in the hospital after suffering a stroke. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

9/8/18:  Our sincerest condolences to Ellen Brennan on the passing of her 102 year old mother.  Please keep Ellen and her family in your thoughts and prayers. 

8/25/18: From Stevie Lamar re Elaine Wolfe: Update on my friend Elaine Wolfe: she visited the Orthopedic physician today and got very good news. She can put full weight on her right leg and foot – this is a little earlier than expected and Elaine is very happy. She still must use her walker for balance, but being able to put weight on that side will help strengthen it and start the recovery of the unused muscles. – Elaine is very grateful for all the cards and good wishes and prayers from her friends in the WGC.

8/25/18: A heart cath and angioplasty were performed on Marylin Garris’ husband, Ron on Thursday, August 18th. No blockages were found and Dr Fish at Walker Heart Institute said that Ron is not a candidate for heart disease for at least 1 year. There was some collection of calcium on the arteries. So Ron’s Antivoristatin may be increased. They are also looking at whether Ron is anaemic, due to his thyroid and the side effects of his medicine. Ron’s heart is strong so no correction for Left Bundle Block at this time. He is to exercise and move.

8/18/18:  Jan Vogel, I have received word that my younger Sister has passed away and I will be flying to California for her Memorial Services. 

8/17/18: Joanne May, former member for many years lost her husband Doyle today.  The address is 27 Leawood Dr., Bella Vista, AR 72715.  For any of you who remember Joanne, please let her hear from you.

8/12/18: from Marily Garris re: Bob Garris: Marylin Garris’ husband Ron has been having swollen ankles, breathes heavily with little exercise and sleeps a lot. After Marylin’s complaining Ron finally mentioned it to the Dr. at his June 13 physical. Ron had EKG, Stress Test-failed, chest X Ray and echo cardiogram with contrast. Test results showed Ron has Left branch bundle block-which means both sides of his heart are not in sync. Thursday, August 16 at 6am Ron will undergo a procedure-heart catheization and angioplasty at The Walker Heart Institute, Fayetteville which will fix the problems. Ron’s heart is strong and we are hoping no problems and all goes well. Prayers would be appreciated.
Marylin Garris

8/12/18: Barb Westfall: "Bob is not doing well. The prognosis is very bleak. He had a massive left brain clot from the heart. Right now it is wait and watch to get him stabilized."

8/10/18: Lesa Reiff will be having a hip replacement soon. We wish her speedy recovery.

8/8/18:  from Barb Westfall:  "Last night at 11:30 Bob had another stroke. It looks like a serious one right now. They sent him to the ICU in Springfield. I will let you know when I find out anything else. So far he is unconscious and they gave him the TPS (clot buster). It will take 24 to 48 hours. Right now it looks like his right side is paralyzed."
8/3/18:  Update: Elaine Wolfe is home (as of Thursday 8/2) and receiving continuing therapy. Her daughter-in-law will stay with her as long as necessary. Elaine is getting stronger each day, but still having some pain and discomfort. She is grateful for the cards and prayers.

7/27/18: From Wanda Barloon regarding Carol Irvin - I learned that Carol Irvin had back surgery a little more than a week ago. She's at home recuperating. She was our Courtesy person for several years. Thought it would be nice for her to be on the receiving end of some well wishes.

7/25/18:  Update on Elaine from Stevie – she is doing well at rehab and feeling better each day. She still thinks it will be 10 days total until she is released. Get well cards can be sent to her home address – her daughter-in-law will be taking them to Elaine.

7/23/18:  Just received information from Stevie that Elaine Wolfe fell yesterday morning and broke her pelvis.  She was moved to Health South Fayetteville yesterday afternoon.  She is in good spirits and will be in rehab a week or so.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Stevie said that anyone wanting to send Elaine a card could send it her (Stevie) and she'll make sure Elaine gets it.  Speedy recovery, dear lady!

6/18/18: Update from Mary Riorden No additional results for Conneye Kraus yet, one more test to go.

6/18/18: From Mary Riorden regarding Mary Teller: Mary's test came back negative for a relapse in her cancer. The doctors gave her a shot for her back pain and sent her on her way. Thanks for all the prayers, they are still working for Mary. 

6/15/18: From Mary Riorden regarding Mary Teller: Let's keep Mary Teller in our prayers please. I will keep you all informed when I hear anything.  Mary T. is undergoing tests (CT Scan, MRI, Pet Scan) for fatigue and pain.

6/12/18: From Jan Burkybile: "I wonder if you could post on the TLC site a big thank you from Dick and I for all the caring calls, prayers, cards and how wonderful it is to have such special friends when you need them most. We are grateful to each and everyone of you for your support."
Thanks, Jan

6/10/18: Conneye Kraus was diagnosed with lung cancer. She saw the Doctor today and surgery is out of the question at this time. They will be doing a Pet Scan to see if it has spread before deciding what treatment she will have to undergo. She did not want anyone to know but is willing to let everyone know now. Her daughter was here today to take her to the doctor. I went with her when she saw her regular doctor a couple of weeks ago. She is being treated right now at Highland Oncology group. They will set up the next test and she will find out more after that test. Please let everyone know to keep her in their prayers as she will have a rough go of it for a while.

6/4/18: From Jan Burkybile,  This is our oldest daughter, Kim, who passed away unexpectedly Sunday. We were all together on Saturday for a birthday party for her grandson so all of her sons, grandchildren, sisters, parents, nieces, nephews and other friends were together. Kim was a loving, caring, beautiful daughter who will be missed by all. God speed. We love you so much.

5/31/18:  Update from Deb Metz: "Thank you for all the cards and well wishes during my time of recovery. My surgery seems to be healing well. However, I developed a DVT blood clot in my right leg after I got home from the hospital. I’ve been on blood thinners for 5 weeks and still have pain in my leg when I’m standing or sitting. The good news is that I can walk and sleep without any problems. Miss golfing with you gals on Thursdays. Hope to see you soon. Blessings to you all".

5/22/18:  Sassy Weber's brother, Bud, died this morning about seven. She is packing and getting ready to head out to Woodward, OK, where he lived. Her older sister, LaVerne, lives in Seling, about 30 miles from Woodward. Please pray for Lenora and Don as they travel--and the other sisters and their families as well.

5/12/18:  Update on Judy Lemoine.  Judy asked me to pass along info that she was admitted into Mercy w severe vertigo and blood pressure problems on Thursday, but she is home now. She will have to go to rehab to fix the vertigo, but her MRI showed no other problems.

5/10/18:  Kayleen Taylor had to cancel play for today. She was in a car accident and suffered bruised ribs.

5/10/18:  Judy Lemoine is in hospital.

4/26/18:  Sue Jacobson's husband, Jake, had his second hernia operation in the past 6 months.  The second hernia was found to be a recurrent hernia for which they were extremely grateful since the doctor said it was an easy fix.  Sue and Jake hope to be back to golf in a month or so.  They wish to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers.

4/19/18:  Deb Metz had prolapsed bladder surgery on  Monday. The urogynecologist did the reconstructive procedure laparoscopically & robotically. She is at home. It was successful. However, she said that "I feel like a semi truck hit me.  I won’t be able to play golf for 3 months. I can’t lift anything over 10 lbs. I’m only supposed to walk on flat surfaces (really, it’s AR). Gravity is not my friend. In the grand scheme of things, this is just a bump in the road. I’ll hopefully will be back in mid July. I’ll miss you girls. Prayers for my sweet husband Peter and proper healing for me". 

4/10/18:  Lesa Reiff fell the other day and broke her arm.  We will have more details as available.

4/08/18:  Conneye Kraus is back home.  Give her a call

3/31/18:  Conneye Kraus has been transferred to Highlands Health care.  Usually, visitations are available.  

3/28/18:  Conneye Kraus is in Mercy Hospital.  She was taken there last Friday by her daughter.  She has pneumonia and has been in and out of Urgent Care.  At first it was thought that she had congestive heart failure also, but that has been ruled out.  She does have COPD and is on 100% oxygen at the present time. Her daughter, Chris, went back to Wichita on the 27th, but will return on the 29th when they hope to move her to Highlands Healthcare for rehab.  Please keep Conneye in your thoughts and prayers.

2/25/18:  Update from Jan Simms:  "Trey had improved so much that they let him go home on Saturday, 2/24.  Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.  God is good and the Great Physician.  I have no doubt that He used the doctors to heal Trey.  He is still pretty weak and needs to build his strength so he can go back to work.  Thank you again.  Jan"

2/22/18:  Update from Jan Simms:  "Trey had the ventilator removed Monday night and was moved out of ICU late afternoon today. He is in room 721 on 7 West Integris Baptist Hospital. He is slowly regaining his strength and voice. We appreciate all your prayers which have brought him this far. Now he needs prayer so he can get well enough to leave the hospital."

2/16/18: We received this today via Biddy from Jan Simms: "We are in OKC since 2/4. He has been in ICU and intubated since 2/6. They moved him to a different hospital that had a better system for treating the lungs and he has improved to a point, but they haven’t been able to get the top part of his lungs cleared. They are running another test to see what they need to change. All we need are prayers Please. Jan "
Please include both Jan and Trey in your prayers every day. Loving, healing thoughts and prayers will be very much appreciated!

2/9/18: from Jan Simms on Facebook, "Trey is improving slowly at Intregis Baptist Hospital. He is still in ICU, intubated and sedated. He and we appreciate your prayers."

2/8/18: Sassy Weber talked to Jan Simms and Jan's son is in the hospital in Oklahoma City. He has asthma and is very sick with the flu. They have him in intensive care and on a ventilator. He needs our prayers and so does Jan. Jan is also suffering from the flu.

1/27/18:  Gail Kidd's Husband, Frank, passed last night at 6:45 at Northwest Hospital.  Our hearts go out to Gail and family!  Services for Frank will be Friday 2pm, at St. Stevens in Bentonville.

1/26/18:  Sad news:  It has just been reported that Frank Kidd, Gail Kidd's husband is in Northest Hospital "Only God knows for sure how long he has.  He had a heart attack last night, pneumonia, and flu.  Just too much to over come.  He turned 90 on Jan 7th".  Please keep Gail, Frank and family in our thoughts and PRAYERS.

1/6/18:  Former member Mary Ellen Schultz lost her husband Bernard on December 30th.  The last address we have for Mary Ellen was in 2014 and it was 41 Strichen Ln. BV 72715.  If anyone has an updated address, could you please send it to us to post here?  Please keep Mary Ellen and her family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

1/3/18:  We have just learned that Carol Soule's husband, Jay has colon cancer.  They are waiting for more information from the biopsies taken.  Please keep Carol and Jay in your thoughts and prayers.

12/27/17:  We have just been informed that Peggy Pfeifer's husband Larry passed away Christmas Eve.  Please keep Peggy and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  Services for Larry will be held Monday the 8 of January 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic Church, 1 St. Bernard Ln, Bella Vista, AR 72715.

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