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2017 News of Members and Their Families 

8/19/17:  We had a report from Ilene Severns yesterday that she had fallen and fractured her shoulder, thus unable to play golf for 4 months.  Sending healing thoughts and pain free prayers.

8/17/2017:  Details concerning Judy Eriksen's memorial in Bella Vista from the family's Facebook page ...
"To all family and friends. We just wanted to share this information for all who have been asking. We have finalized the memorial plans for mom (Judy Eriksen) in Bella Vista.
There will be a memorial service on Sunday September 3rd at 3:00 p.m. at Bella Vista Community Church, 75 East Lancashire Blvd in Bella Vista.
An open house gathering will follow at Papa Mike's at the Berksdale Clubhouse at 2 Kingsdale Lane in Bella Vista."

8/7/2017:  Update on Judy Eriksen from Facebook ... "We will be having a service in Fremont at Moser on Wednesday 8/9 at 1:00 and another at a later date in Bella Vista."

8/7/2017: Update on Kathy Zumbro's husband Dale ... After a difficult day on Sunday, Dale is doing great today! He was moved out of ICU and Kathy is hopeful that he will get to come home on Tuesday. She is certain he will come home no later than Wednesday.

It turns out that Dale was having shortness of breath and his doctor sent him to see a cardiac surgeon. The surgeon did not even bother to do a stress test. Instead he opted to do an angiogram. Those results sent Dale into cardiac surgery immediately whereupon the doctors realized he needed a quintuple bypass ... which, according to Kathy, is as many as a person can have. So Dale and Kathy are feeling very fortunate and are ready to be back home! We wish Dale a speedy recovery and hope to see Kathy back on the course again soon!!!

8/6/2017:  Just received news that Judy Eriksen died unexpectedly in her sleep last evening while visiting family in Fremont NE.  As of this point, that is all we know.  Will post further information as news trickles in.  We wish her family peace and comfort at this difficult time.

8/5/17:  Kathy Zumbro's husband Dale had quintuple bypass surgery on Friday, August 4th.  As of today, we have no other details other than the fact that he is doing very well and will probably get moved out of ICU on Sunday.  Kathy says he is a real trooper!  We wish Dale a speedy recovery!!!

7/26/17: Friends of Pat Ellison will be happy to know that she is doing everything she can to get back with her WGC friends, including the back surgery in 2015 which revealed severe stenosis in the spine. The stenosis had damaged the sciatic nerve making it painful to walk and in trying to continue to walk anyway she put pressure on the right hip and knee. Unknown was the fact that Osteoarthritis had attacked those two necessary parts and the added pressure of walking or standing for any length of time became very painful. She contacted a knee surgeon, thinking that was the problem. Fortunately he X-rayed the hip and knee and found that yes, the knee was bad, but the hip was worse - bone on bone. Hopefully, after hip replacement surgery, August 7, she will rehab 3 months and be back in time for winter golf and cruising!  Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns!
7/10/17: Anyone wishing to contact Grace Bender via email, her address is gdbender@att.net
7/9/17:  Sad to report that former WGC member Lori Walsh passed away on Friday, July 7th in her home in Broken Arrow, OK.  She had been battling ovarian cancer for a couple of years. Lori was a wonderful person. She was one of the founders of the Tuesday Tees, played with the WGC and in her last couple of years in BV with the Ladies 9 Hole League. She moved to Broken Arrow a couple of years ago and was quickly diagnosed with cancer. Lori loved the game of golf and loved telling stories about her "daddy". She was a true Okie and an even truer friend. She will be sadly missed. Cards may be sent to Dan Walsh, 7204 E. Nashville St., Broken Arrow, OK 74014.

Funeral arrangements: Saturday, July 15, 11:00am, Worley Funeral Home, 711 S. Main St. Grove, OK

7/6/17:  More from Peggy Crabtree ... Russ is recovering better than expected! His cognitive recovery started about a week ago and it was like a switch had been flipped. He had a scan Monday and scan shows decrease in size of blood clot by over 1/3 and the brain has moved closer to midline (great news for brain injury)!
He is weak, but is walking with walker, and his ability to function is improving daily. We have gone from "he will not be able to return home" to "he can return home soon". I expect he will come home with home health care within few days. He will need a lot of TLC, and I will need a lot of patience! We will be happy (he, I and the dog) to be home! Thanks for all your caring.....you are wonderful women, and I love you!

6/22/17:  From Peggy Crabtree ...
Many of you have asked about my husband, Russ.  It has been a very, very long month since he fell, striking his head, resulting in a brain bleed and blood clot on the brain.  He underwent surgery to relieve pressure and was hospitalized in Springfield, MO for 3 weeks.  He was transported 3 days ago to a skilled nursing facility in Rogers for rehab.  It will be an uphill battle for him;  however he has recovered from strokes twice before and we are confident that he will be able to make this hurdle too!  While he is in rehab, I plan to play golf as much as I can ... because I need to!  Your prayers, thoughts and cards have been needed and appreciated more than I can express.  Thank you so much!

We love you Peggy and will continue to pray for your family situation!  Look forward to seeing you on the links whenever you can make it!!!

6/7/17:  Sunday night Connie Kuske was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of pneumonia.  Marylin Garris will provide more information today.

6/6/17:  We have just learned that Peggy Crabtree's husband, Russ is having surgery today to relieve pressure on his brain.  Peggy contacted her golfing buddy, Jan Simms with instructions to get a sub for her for the month of June.  Hopefully more information will become available.  Our healing thoughts and prayers need to be sent to Peggy at this time.

6/1/17:  WONDERFUL NEWS - Jan and Roy Vogel celebrate 65 years of marriage on this day!  Congratulations!!

4/19/17:  Sadly, we have just been informed that Alice Panter's husband, George, passed away during surgery.  He suffered a massive stroke.  Please send Alice your thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time.

4/7/2017: Grace Bender has returned to the hospital for rehab. Carol Soule thinks she would enjoy getting some cheerful cards from the WGC.
New address for our Ex-President:
Grace Bender
621 N.W. Jacob Drive, Apt. 319
Lee's Summit, MO 64081
Phone is the same: 479-381-5O83 

4/4/2017:  From Katy Henkel ... 
"You may have heard, I’ve been diagnosed with Non Hodgkins lymphoma. Today (March 31st) we met with the oncologist at Highlands Oncology Group (HOG, how appropriate) in Rogers Arkansas. Specifically, it is an aggressive type of lymphoma but is treatable and curable. YES IT WILL BE !!!!

At this point, I have more tests scheduled to gain more information and will then start treatment. There will be a PET scan on Monday, a PICC line (central catheter) placed on Tuesday and then start chemotherapy on Friday (April 7th). The chemotherapy protocol is called RCHOP which is an outpatient treatment given at the HOG oncology clinic. I’ll have 6 cycles, given once every three weeks.

Can always use your prayers."

Katy H.

And we send positive vibes and prayers for healing to our friend.

3/30/17:  It was also learned at the Spring Brunch that Nancy Gross lost her father two days ago.  She had just lost her sister two weeks before. Our friend Nancy is also suffering from severe shoulder problems  Nancy has faced some very difficult issues for the past few years.  Please keep her in our prayers and good thoughts.  You might send her a card or two as well.

3/30/17:   It was so good and such good news to see former President Arlene Alford at our Spring Brunch this am.  Arlene has had numerous visits to the hospital, but looked beautiful this morning.  Also Mary Teller rejoined our WGC as a social member after a several year health related absence.  The good news is that she and Arlene will be around, the bad news we don't get to enjoy their company for 18 holes...  yet.  Prayers and greetings are most welcome.

3/25/17:  We have just learned of the passing of Karleen Taylor's husband Don.  

Karleen contacted us to let us know that the funeral will be next Thursday, March 30th at 11am.  The visitation will be at 10am.  Services will be held at Village Baptist Church out in the Highlands.  Donations in her husband's memory can be made to the church to go for landscaping.  It was Don's passion to maintain the landscaping at the church.

Keep Karlene and her family in your heart and prayers during this difficult time.

3/23/17:  Wanda Barton had surgery to remove scar tissues from her esophagus.  She is recovering at home. Keep Wanda in your prayers.

3/23/17:  Peggy Crabtree had a routine biopsy and we're waiting for the results.  Keep Peggy in your thoughts and prayers.

2/18/17:  Update on Arlene Alford from Pat Davis: Arlene has been home about three weeks, with 5 days of that time spent in the hospital. She has a cough and the doctors finally decided she has fluid on one lung. The cough is coming from her throat. She’s still very weak but has a therapist coming twice a week and a nurse twice a week. Hopefully the other issues are slowly being resolved. Thanks to our members who have sent cards or called to visit with her.

2/13/17:A note from Barb Angstead ... "Please pass this message on to our membership:
I wish to thank our wonderful WGC membership for their many cards, prayers and words of comfort following my mother’s passing. Your friendship and support are greatly appreciated!"

2/1/17:  We have received news that Barb Angstead's mother passed away. The service will be in Iowa on Saturday, Feb 4th. and Jim and Barb plan to be back in Bella Vista on Sunday or Monday.  Keep Barb and her family in your prayers.

1/16/17:  Sadly we must report that Nancy Gross lost her sweet sister, Martha Castle this morning of heart failure.  Martha lived in Missouri and had suffered with health and heart issues for some years.  Our heart felt condolences are sent to Nancy and her family.  Please keep Nancy in your prayers.

1/3/17:  We received this email from Carol Irvin: "I will be having left knee replacement surgery on Jan. 16. I'm hoping to be on the course again by late May or early June. TIme and rehab will tell. I'm hoping to make it to the opening banquet. Have a good time on the course."

Apologies to those who have read this before the correction was made.  My error!  Sorry (sjt)