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Standing Rules

Updated March 8, 2016
These rules may be rescinded, amended or suspended by the current Board of Directors.

1.  Membership Play Day Procedures

a. First name on the pairings list is captain and is responsible for calling her foursome, arranging carts, checking in her foursome at the Pro Shop, paying green and cart fees, and picking up scorecards. Fees should be collected from the foursome before play begins. Captains are also responsible for “Ready Golf” for the day. Keep moving. Captain see Captain’s Duties, page 7 of 2016 Handbook and Directory.

b. Participants must arrive at the Pro Shop at least 30 minutes prior to the tee time.

c. If a play day is cancelled for any reason, an email blast will be sent to those members with email. A notification will also be prominently posted on the website. Those without email will be called by the Telephone Committee.

2. Sign Up Sheet and Pairings

a. The Pairings Committee will post the sign up sheets for three weeks in advance on the BVWGC bulletin board at the Country Club. The sheets are removed by Wednesday afternoon by said committee and taken to the course to be played. Members should sign up before teeing off on Thursday. Members may also sign up online at www.bvwgc.com .

b. Pairings are to be sent by the Golf Division to all pro shops for posting. Pairings will be posted on the POA website by The Golf Division, and the Pairings Committee will post on the BVWGC bulletin board at the Country Club.

c. Cancellations called into the Pairings committee person after pairings are completed will incur no penalty. No shows on play days will be removed from the pairings sheet for the next *regular play day. (*Regular play day does not include Special Tournaments.) No shows are defined as “members who do not notify the Pairings committee person or the clubhouse prior to the start of play”. This penalty applies whether or not a play day is cancelled or not completed for any reason. Members are encouraged to contact the Pairings Committee as soon as possible if a cancellation is necessary. Abuse of this rule may result in special action by the Pairings Chair.

d. If you do not sign up but find you are available to play, the Pairings Committee person of the week will attempt to schedule you to play. Call as soon as possible.

e. Website Sign Up Information: To sign up online, click on a “Sign Up” link on the website. The website’s sign up form lists the next three Thursday play dates. Online sign ups must be submitted by 7 p.m. on the Sunday evening prior to the play date. (Example: If you want to play on Thursday, April 14th, you must sign up online by 7 p.m. on Sunday, April 10th.) You will not be able to sign up online AFTER 7 p.m. on Sundays for the next week’s play. Please enter ALL the information requested on the sign up form.

Last Name and First Name—Note that last names are requested first.
Play Date?—Select a Play Date by clicking on the button for that date. You may select ONE Play Date per form.
Play?—Select the “Yes”, “PIF” or “Cancel” response as desired.
Comments—Please keep optional comments brief.
Remember to hit the “Submit” button or your information will not be saved.

Please double-check that your sign up data was sent and received by checking the “Sign Up List” on the website.

3.  Awards/Weekly Prizes

a. Birdies/Eagles: Pins will be awarded to members upon scoring their FIRST birdie and/or eagle during regular Thursday play days. They must be identified on the scorecard. Notify the scoring committee on the play day. This award may be won only once during membership years.

b. No member may receive more than one prize on a play day, excluding special events such as closest to the pin, longest drive, etc. Prize money certificates are for the entire month’s winnings and are placed in the Prize Box only once a month (around the 10th). Money will be combined so you do not get a certificate for each win.

c. Player is disqualified for weekly prizes if two players do not sign the card. There is no disqualification for incorrect addition.

d. Results will be posted on the POA website around noon on Fridays. Preliminary results will be available on the WGC website by Thursday evenings. Go to League Play and then select the Results Archive.

e. All ties will be paid.

f. Special Tournaments: Only one prize will be awarded to an individual player, excepting Thursday Medalist in the League Tournament. In case of a tie for “Low Gross” awards, a scorecard playoff will be used starting at the #1 handicap hole. In case of a tie for a “Low Net” award, scorecard NET will be used as a playoff, starting at the #1 handicap hole. The League Champion (overall low gross) award will be determined by a sudden death playoff on the golf course starting at the first hole.

4. Scoring
On Low Gross/Low Net play days, Low Gross will take precedence over Low Net.

5. Hole-in-One Awards
The cost incurred for hole-in-one awards (charms, etc.) will be deducted from the hole-in-one funds before distribution.

6. Closest-to-the-Pin
Each Thursday a player may pay a dollar to try for the closest to the flagstick on designated par threes. Prizes are only given to those players paying the dollar. A player must be on the green with her FIRST stroke to be eligible.

When monies for closest-to-the-pin are NOT distributed due to play being cancelled for any reason, the monies will go to charity. One half of the collected funds will be distributed in prize money and one half will be given to charity. The charity funds will be split equally between charities determined by the members.

Closest-to-the-pin holes for all flights will be: Country Club - #11; Highlands - #9; Scotsdale- #4; Dogwood Hills - #2; Kingswood - #7; Berksdale - #4.

When scrambles are played, there will not be a longest putt hole. Instead, there will be 2 CTP holes. No payment is required for the second CTP hole.

7. Carts
All BVWGC members MUST ride in a cart. If a player has not paid for an annual primary or secondary private seat registration or an annual seat lease, she must pay the pro shop for half a cart if riding in either a lease cart or in a private cart. Member should pay captain for cart and green fee.

The pairings list on the internet will determine cart partners. Generally, the 1st person listed in the pairings is responsible for providing the cart for the 2nd person, her cart partner; the 3rd person provides the cart for the 4th person, her cart partner. The captain may change this order if circumstances so dictate.

8. Rain Policy
If there is lightning in the area on BVWGC play days, mark your ball and seek shelter (not under a tree). Return to clubhouse when safe. After a 30 minute delay, the *Committee will make a decision to resume play or cancel the round. See inside back cover of the Rules of Golf & USGA Rules 6-8 and 33-2D. *The Committee will consist of the Golf Pro, current Rules Chair, Vice President and President, or the Play Manager.

9. Membership Dues

BVWGC membership season begins with the spring meeting and ends at the fall meeting. Dues are currently $40.00. Persons joining AFTER July 1st will be assessed a prorated membership fee of $25.00.

10. Equitable Stroke Control

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is the downward adjustment of individual scores for handicap purposes. It is the maximum number that a player can post on any hole and is used ONLY when a player’s actual or “most likely
score” exceeds that player’s maximum number. There is no limit to the number of holes that can be adjusted.

Max Score Posted on Any Hole
 9 or Less
 Double Bogey
 10 Thru 19
 20 thru 29
 30 thru 39
 40 & Above

11. Past BVWGC Champions’
Eligibility for the League Tournament
All past BVWGC Champions (gross, net and senior) who are current members in good standing are allowed permanent eligibility in the BVWGC League Tournament.

12. Active Season Club: Home and Away Scores

BVWGC is an “active season” club. All members must post all home and away scores year round. The handicap committee will contact members not in compliance.