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2019 Officers
Treasurer Vicki Styles, Secretary Jan Holm 
(bottom) Vice-President Ronnie Nelson, President Ellen Shelley

Committee Chairs and Responsibilities...
Auditing: Jan Simms
... Audit Treasurer's books within 90 days of Fall meeting.
Awards: Jan Simms
... Select and purchase birdie and eagle pins, Club Championship gifts and "improved golfer" awards.

Closest to the Pin: Jean Meadows, Gail Storm
... Collect entries; place markers on greens; deposit money; send winners names to Treasurer/scoring chair.

Communications:  Marylin Garris
... Responsible for contacting members regarding pertinent information

Courtesy:  Marilyn Fabits
Senior Net Champion Marilyn Fabits
... Send cards to active members and/or spouses in case of illness or death.

Handbook/Membership/Hole-In-One:    Deb Metz
... Update, print and distribute the Handbook. Provide membership forms at fall and spring meetings; collect forms, maintain an accurate and up-to-date membership list, copy Hole-In-One cards and inform Awards chair.  

Handicap:  Marianne Smyth
... Answer handicap questions and post weekly play day scores.

Membership/Big Sister Program: Darla Luzum
Overall Net Champion Darla Luzum showing off her jewelry!!!  Congrats, Darla!!!!!
... Assign current member (Big Sister) to new members and coordinate the New Member Play Day.

Nominations:  Jeanne Hartman
... Present a slate of 
officers to the membership at the fall meeting.

NWA Representative:  Vicki Styles
... Represent the BVWGC to the NWAWGA. Responsible for all aspects of the Bella Vista NWA tournament.

Pairings:  Sue Jacobson, Karen Owens
... Responsible for the weekly pairings schedule. Click 
link for Pairings committee schedule.

Past President:  Biddy Pyle
... Provide experience and guidance as needed by the current president and committee chairs.

Photography:  Karen Brashears
... Responsible for taking pictures of all WGC functions to be given to an appropriate person for website publication.

Publicity:  Sarah Huff
... inform local media of all Club events and pertinent dates.

Rules:  Lisa Vines
... Update "Play Day Rules" in the Handbook;  provide Rules Seminar at least once a year; prepare rules sheets for Special Tournaments.

Scoring: Dori Clement, Wanda Barloon
... Distribute and collect scorecards; verify winners and calculate weekly flight prizes.

Social:  Penny Williams, Bonnie Crow
... Responsible for all social activities during spring/fall meetings and special tournaments.

Special Tournaments:  Amy Parker, Laurie Pike
... Do entry forms, pairings, scoring and all prizes for 
Handicap Match Play, Firecracker, 
Club Championship, and WGC/MGA Scramble on given years.

Sponsorship:  Patty Walker
... Solicit paid Sponsors to support club activities.

Website:  Sher Barns
.... Responsible for maintaining BVWGC Website.