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2019 Officers
Treasurer Vicki Styles, Secretary Jan Holm 
(bottom) Vice-President Ronnie Nelson, President Ellen Shelley

Committee Chairs and Responsibilities...
Auditing: Jan Simms
... Audit Treasurer's books within 90 days of Fall meeting.
Awards: Jan Simms
... Select and purchase birdie and eagle pins, Club Championship gifts and "improved golfer" awards.

Closest to the Pin: Jean Meadows, Gail Storm
... Collect entries; place markers on greens; deposit money; send winners names to Treasurer/scoring chair.

Communications:  Marylin Garris
... Responsible for contacting members regarding pertinent information

Courtesy:  Marilyn Fabits
Senior Net Champion Marilyn Fabits
... Send cards to active members and/or spouses in case of illness or death.

Handbook/Membership/Hole-In-One:    Deb Metz
... Update, print and distribute the Handbook. Provide membership forms at fall and spring meetings; collect forms, maintain an accurate and up-to-date membership list, copy Hole-In-One cards and inform Awards chair.  

Handicap:  Marianne Smyth
... Answer handicap questions and post weekly play day scores.

Membership/Big Sister Program: Darla Luzum
Overall Net Champion Darla Luzum showing off her jewelry!!!  Congrats, Darla!!!!!
... Assign current member (Big Sister) to new members and coordinate the New Member Play Day.

Nominations:  Jeanne Hartman
... Present a slate of 
officers to the membership at the fall meeting.

NWA Representative:  Vicki Styles
... Represent the BVWGC to the NWAWGA. Responsible for all aspects of the Bella Vista NWA tournament.

Pairings:  Sue Jacobson, Karen Owens
... Responsible for the weekly pairings schedule. Click 
link for Pairings committee schedule.

Past President:  Biddy Pyle
... Provide experience and guidance as needed by the current president and committee chairs.

Photography:  Karen Brashears
... Responsible for taking pictures of all WGC functions to be given to an appropriate person for website publication.

... inform local media of all Club events and pertinent dates.

Rules:  Lisa Vines
... Update "Play Day Rules" in the Handbook;  provide Rules Seminar at least once a year; prepare rules sheets for Special Tournaments.

Scoring: Dori Clement, Wanda Barloon
... Distribute and collect scorecards; verify winners and calculate weekly flight prizes.

Social:  Penny Williams, Bonnie Crow
... Responsible for all social activities during spring/fall meetings and special tournaments.

Special Tournaments:  Amy Parker
... Do entry forms, pairings, scoring and all prizes for 
Handicap Match Play, Firecracker, 
Club Championship, and WGC/MGA Scramble on given years.

Sponsorship:  Patty Walker
... Solicit paid Sponsors to support club activities.

Website:  Sher Barns
.... Responsible for maintaining BVWGC Website.