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Member Info

Membership contact and personal information is not only available in your membership directory but also on the internet on a separate, secure website.  After the WGC directory is printed each year, new member contact information as well as changes to directory member information will also be available on the secure site.  Access to this secure site requires that either ...
(1)  a member know the password for the Google email account "wgcmembers" so that one can log into Google as this user


(2)  a member wanting to log into the private site using their personal gmail account request an invitation to be able to view and/or collaborate on the secure site using said personal gmail address.
In either case, please send an email to bv18wgc at gmail dot com to make one of these requests if you wish to be able to see this secure information.
The generic user "wgcmembers" will always have access to the secure site.  However, please be aware that it may become necessary to change the site password on occasion.  If the password is changed, a note to that effect will be posted on the front page of this website.  When this happens, please send an email to bv18wgc at gmail dot com to request the new password.  Please use caution when sharing the secure site password due to the private nature of that information.

If anyone has a better idea as to how to secure membership information, we would be happy to consider other options.  It is our hope that every member will eventually have a personal profile page on our secure site.  Instructions have been posted on that site as to how members can create this page themselves.  If you would prefer to get assistance with the creation of a profile page, we would be happy to help.  Just contact either Sandy Trigg or Sue Jacobson or send an email to bv18wgc at gmail dot com and we will get back to you.

Members not wanting their personal information posted to the secure site should also send an email to bv18wgc at gmail dot com.  We will make every effort to abide by your wishes.