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2014 ... Barbara Henderson

Congratulations to 2014 Hall of Fame inductee Barbara Henderson.

Hall of Fame inductee ready to play on an ugly day!?!

Following is the speech 2013 Hall of Fame inductee Stevie Lamar used to introduce the 2014 Hall of Fame inductee Barbara Henderson at the Fall Meeting ...

"The nominee for the 2014 Hall of Fame is one of the most gracious and giving ladies I have ever met. She joined the WGC in 2004 and moved to Bella Vista in 2006 from Fayetteville. She has spent a total of 41 years in Arkansas and is quoted as saying she “is so lucky to live here and would not want to live anywhere else."

Although this golfer has not been an Executive Officer of this group, nor a Club Champion, she has ALWAYS been available when a committee needs an extra pair of hands for an event. It seems she never says “NO” to a request for help, and offers help unsolicited when she sees a need. Our nominee this year served on the Board of the WGC for 6 years as Chairperson of the Courtesy Committee – a very appropriate position for such a compassionate individual.

Aside from her dedication to the WGC, our nominee loves to cross stitch, read mysteries, play bridge, and has 3 pet cats. She is also a big supporter of the famous Therapy Dog, Miss Mollie, as well as of the Bella Vista Animal Shelter.

I cannot recall ever seeing this lady without a warm and welcoming smile.

It is my great pleasure to introduce our 2014 Hall of Fame inductee: BARBARA HENDERSON."

To say that Barb was shocked when she was announced as the 2014 Hall of Fame inductee is putting it mildly. And our friend is indeed a mild-mannered lady who has served our organization in so many capacities over the years.  In her own words,

"I've worked on lots of different committees through the years and enjoyed them all; Closest to the Pin, Membership, Big Sister Program, Pairings, Publicity, Scoring, Telephone and Handicap. I met so many special people and kept up with what was happening.

I did the spreadsheet for Griffith Low Gross / Low Net for many years and really enjoyed doing it. I would get very excited as the winners started to step forward."

The Hall of Fame criteria state that the purpose of this award "is to recognize those women who in the eyes of the membership have given unselfishly to serve and promote our organization, demonstrated by their performance on and off the golf course."

And that is the perfect description of our 2014 inductee Barb Henderson!!!