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2013 ... Stevie Lamar

Congrats to Stevie Lamar .. WGC 2013 Hall of Fame Inductee
2013 Inductee Stevie Lamar

Stevie has served this organization in many capacities in the years she has been a member.
She served on the Board of Directors for many years as Chairman of Awards, Membership, 
Special Tournaments, Pairing and Rules committees.  In 2003, she was our president.  
In addition, she has worked with several other committees and is currently serving as the 
Chairman of the POA's Joint Advisory Committee for Golf.

In 2000, Stevie won our Club Championship, and has had many other individual awards since 
she has been a member.

But most importantly, she is the perfect example of what we'd like our members to be.
She's dedicated to golf, to all our members no matter their abilities,
and to this organization.
Thank YOU, Stevie Lamar
for all you've given to us.