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2012 ... Dolores Bowlin

2012 Inductee Dolores Bowlin
Dolores is the only one of the FOUNDING MEMBERS of the BVWGC to still be playing on Thursdays with the league. That is right, Dolores has been playing in this league for 44 years. The Club was founded in 1968 informally, but became a recognized organization in 1969.The Club was called the Women’s Golf Association and was comprised of both 9 hole players and 18 hole players.  In 1977 those two groups split and we became the Women's Golf Club.

Some of the things Dolores has done for the league. (besides starting it): 

• Dolores served as our NWA rep from 1969-2000 

• She served on the golf committee 1973-1975 (some of the men thought BV golf should be run like the CC they had been members of in the past.)  There women weren’t allowed onto the courses until the afternoon.  If you know Dolores you know THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!! 

• She was the Handicap chair in the beginning when our handicaps were figured by hand. Some of us have trouble keeping it correctly when we have a computer to do it for us!! But Dolores did it by HAND! 

• She served as our rules chairman in 1987 and in 1990. 

• She was the Tournament and Special events chairman in 1988. She did what our two committees, social and special tournaments, do today.  

• Although she never captured the club champion title she was runner up several times. 
• She was the senior club champion in 2006 and 2009. 

She did all of this after she turned the ripe old age of 36. Dolores has lived within a 40 mile radius of BV all of her life.

Click here to view a photo montage of 2012 Hall of Fame inductee and one of our club's founders, Dolores Bowlin, enjoying her amazing golf career with Bella Vista friends and family.

Congratulations to Dolores Bowlin, the 2012 WGC Hall of Fame Inductee.