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2014 Committee Chairs, Committee Responsibilities and Committee Members

Advertising -- Judy Eriksen 876-6448 
Solicit paid advertising to support the club directory. 

Auditing--Stephanie Kappel 918-521-9673

Audit the treasurer's books within 90 days of the Fall meeting.

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Awards--Janis Hayes 644-1431 
Responsible for the selection and purchase of items to be awarded as follows: Birdie and Eagle pins; hole-in-one; league championship gifts; and year end "improved Golfer" awards.
Committee: Jessica Alger

Big Sister Program--Gayle Placial 268-4130
Assign a current member ("Big Sister") to new members and coordinates the New Member Play Day.
Arlene Alford, Rosalie Dragland, Connie Kuske, Mary Riordan, Pat Callahan, Marianne Smyth, Donna Marie Anderson, Jan Simms, Stevie Lamar, Linda Roberts, Jessica Alger, Darla Luzum, Barbara Henderson, Lenora Weber

Closest to the Pin--Donna Marie Anderson 855-4185  Committee: Darla Luzum, Carolyn George, Bedetta Valentine, Barbara Westfall, Pat Callahan, Wanda Barloon, Virjean Countryman, Dee Kincade, Jessica Alger, Barbara Henderson, Kathy Zumbro
... responsible for collecting entries, posting markers on the greens weekly, determining and reporting winners.

Courtesy--Carol Irvin 268-5075 Committee:  Marianne Smyth, Barbara Henderson
... responsible for sending cards on behalf of the club to active members and their spouses in case of illness or death.

Directory--Brenda Gardner 
... gather information and publish the club's publication.

Handicap--Peggy Crabtree - 381-8229  Committee: Pat Davis, Arlene Alford, Nan Delany, Barbara Westfall, Mary Riordan, Marianne Smyth, Marylin Garris, Stevie Lamar, Jessica Alger
... answer members' questions regarding handicaps and post play-day scores.

Photographer--Paula Schoenecker - 644-8853  
  Karen Brashears    
... photographically record club events/persons, etc and keep/publish yearly photographical records.

Membership and Hole-in-One--
Gayle Placial 268-4130  
Committee: Nan Delany, Sue Teague, Donna Marie Anderson, Jan Simms, Jessica Alger, Darla Luzum, Barbara Henderson
... provide all membership forms at the Spring and Fall Meetings; collect forms, maintain an accurate membership list and distribute results of holes-in-one as directed

Nominations--Nancy Gross 855-1916 Committee: Marianne Smyth, Stevie Lamar, Jessica Alger, Kathy Zumbro, Lenora Weber
... present a slate of officers to the membership at the last general meeting of the year.

NWA Representative--Jessica Alger 876-8139
... represent the BVWGC to the NWAWGA.  Responsible for all aspects of the Bella Vista NWA tournament.

Pairings--Sue Jacobson Co-Chair 899-1213 and              
Glenda Burris Co-Chair  876-5422  Committee: Biddy Pyle, Jessica Alger, Barbara Henderson, Sandy Trigg, Kathy Zumbro, 
... responsible for the weekly pairings schedule

Past President--Jessica Alger 876-8139
...continue the continuity/experience of the Board

Publicity--Jan Simms - 268-4899
... inform local media of all club events and pertinent dates.

Rules--Stevie Lamar - 876-5844 Committee: Pat Davis, Nancy Gross, LaVern Hendricks, Gail Kidd, 
Linda Roberts, Linda Ekiss, Jessica Alger, Arlene Alford,
... update "play day rules" in the yearbook; provide rules seminar a minimum of once a year; prepare rules sheets for special tournaments.

Scoring--Kathy Johnson - 268-4197   Committee: Carolyn George, Pat Davis, Arlene Alford, Carol Irvin, Mary Riordan, Lynn Stone, Marylin Garris, Leanna King, Sandy Casebolt, Jessica Alger, Darla Luzum, Barbara Henderson, Peggy Hitchcock, Ruth Hatcher, Kathy Zumbro
... distribute and collect score cards; verify winners; calculate weekly flight prizes.

Social--Jeanne Hartman 
- 876-2516 and
Roxiann Dwyer Co-Chair 
- 855-6091 Committee: Mary Hunt, Kathy Dinwoodie, Donna Marie Anderson, Lenora Weber
... responsible for all social activities during fall and spring meetings and special tournaments.
Special Tournaments--Darla Luzum Co-Chair 855-0132 and
George Ann Seymour
 Co-Chair  855-7678
 Committee: Sue Brack, Pat Callahan, Jan Vogel, Wanda Barloon, Jessica Alger, Lenora Weber
... responsible for all aspects of tournaments, including entry forms, pairing, scoring, tee prizes, door prizes and flight prizes.

Telephone--Marylin Garris - 876-6746 ... contact members regarding pertinent information as directed.
Committee: Barb Angstead, LaVern Hendricks, Jo Hogan, Dee Kincade, Darla Luzum, Shirley Rhine, Paula Schoenecker

Website--Sandy Trigg Co-Chair 
- 936-0432
Sue Jacobson Co-Chair 
- 899-1213 Committee: Glenda Burris, Stephanie Kappel, Maggie Peterson, Yvonne Nelles
 ... maintain website