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2018 New Members

Amy Parker

Amy is serious about golf but FUN is more important. She moved to Bella Vista in December 2017 along with her husband, Steve. She grew up in Paynesville, Minnesota, lived in Iowa and then to Arizona City, Arizona. Amy has 4 children, 4 stepchildren, 14 grandchildren, and 4 Great Grandchildren. Amy's favorite course in Bella Vista is Scotsdale and favorite anywhere course is Poston Buttes in Anthem, AZ. In addition to golf, Amy likes to shop.

Bonnie Crow

Bonnie is a new resident of Bella Vista, moving here in January 2018 after a long career as a Materials Controller Beech Aircraft Finance in Wichita, Ks.  She enjoys golf, bowling, and reading.  Bonnie's favorite course in Bella Vista is the Country Club and her all-time favorite course is Dornick Hills, Ardmore Ok (first Perry Maxwell course).

Carol Hodges

-- info to come --

Cathy Hughes

Cathy moved with her husband, Chuck, from Colorado Springs to Bella Vista late last year. She grew up in an Air Force family and has lived all over the US and Europe. Her 2 sons and their families also moved to Northwest Arkansas making it a family affair. She is now only 17 minutes from the grandkids. Her favorite course is Bandon Dunes in Bandon, OR. Cathy likes to ski, paint and read in addition to golfing.

Cynthia Augspurger

Cynthia moved to Bella Vista from Marshalltown, Iowa last year and live on Lake Windsor.  She has been visiting Bella Vista for over 30 years.  She and her husband Terry have 2 children Amy & D.J. and 2 Grandchildren Miles, 11 and Rose, 5.  Cynthia loves colorful socks, giraffes and she plays the bassoon.  In her career, Cynthia was a Bank officer, handled communications for the school district, and taught computer skills to mentally disabled adults.  Her favorite golf course is the Highlands.

Dee Korte

Dee joined BVWGC at the urging of sister-in-law Darla Luzum.  She found her way to Bella Vista with her husband Jon and dog, Lady.  After growing up in Iowa, living in Arizona for 40 years, then Minnesota, Dee found her way to Bella Vista.  In her professional life, Dee was a Contoller/Accountant.  She has one child and 4 grandchildren.  Her favorite course in Bella Vista is Berksdale and is looking forward to breaking 100 this year!

Elsie Imhof

Elsie is a long time resident of Bella Vista, moving here in 2001. She grew up in Streator, Illinois and lived in Ottowa, Illinois prior to moving here. She has a Havanese named Butkus, 2 sons, Geoff and Mark and 2 Grandchildren. She works for Robert Lewis State Farm Insurance as a Health Specialist.

Elsie enjoys sewing, gardening, golf, fishing, travel, and reading. Her favorite course is at Kapalua.

Laura Singleton

Laura lives on the east side of Bella Vista and her favorite course is Dogwood.  She moved to Bella Vista in 2014 from Austin, Tx.  Prior to that, she lived in Mobile, Alabama and San Antonio, Tx.  Her family includes husband, Jeff, Ginger the Cat, 2 kids and 2 grandkids.  Laura was a CPA during her working years and enjoys kayaking and photography.  Laura's favorite golfer is Stacey Lewis.

LouAnn Davis

LouAnn was born in Memphis, raised in New Jersey and Chicago.  All of her family is from Little Rock where she lived there 32 years before relocating to NWA in 2014. LouAnn likes golfing, camping, fishing, hiking, bicycling, Hogs, interior design, entertaining, and fundraising for non-profits.She has been a Real Estate Agent since 2014. An outdoors person, LouAnne enjoys being closer to all the Hog games, and met the love of her life, Chris, in 2015.  Her 3 daughters have 3 grandbabies on the way!

Marilyn Tomasson

Marilyn and her husband David moved from Garland, Texas to Bella Vista in late 2017.  Marilyn is an Arkansas native, growing up in Camden, AR.   She was a teacher, has a daughter Anna, son Lee and 3 grandchildren.  Marilyn enjoys golf and traveling, especially to visit her favorite golf course, Pebble Beach.

Nancy Shy

Nancy recently moved to Bella Vista from Pleasant Dale, Nebraska.  She grew up in California and Hawaii and has also lived in Colorado, Washington, DC and North Carolina.  Nancy is a dog-person - 1 1/2-year-old chocolate Lab named Mojo.  Her family includes husband, Pat, and 2 boys Clee and Gus.  Nancy was an HR Director before she retired.

Paulette Conerton

Paulette returned to Bella Vista recently from Port Charlotte, Florida.  Her favorite course ever played is Lemon Bay Golf Club in Englewood, FL and her favorite course in Bella Vista is Kingswood.  Paulette and her husband, Jim, share their home with 2 pets.  She was a Telephone Engineer - AT&T and her indoor hobby is quilting.  Welcome back!

Peggy Barron

Peggy moved from Houston to Bella Vista in 2016 along with husband, Jerre.  The Barrons have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. Peggy enjoys golf, Country Club is her favorite course, sewing, reading, and fishing.  During her career, Peggy was a cosmetologist and Cosmetology instructor.

Sara Landstrum

Sara is a new resident of Bella Vista, moving here in 2018 from Hot Springs Village. She, like a growing number of our members, lives in the new Villas Way development. Sara grew up in Iowa and lived in Des Moines. Sara has 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Her daughter is her favorite golfer!

Sher Barns

Sher moved to Bella Vista in 2011 with her 2 cats, Skeeter and Turbo and husband, Jim. She is an Iowa girl and her favorite golfer is Zach Johnson who is from nearby Cedar Rapids. Newly retired from a career as a mental health counselor, flexibility is her long suit. She loves the variety of courses in Bella Vista, will use whatever ball comes her way and doesn't have a preference about clubs.  Sher serves with the adult worship team at New Life Christian Church, as well as leading large group worship for the K-6th grade program once a month.  She has 2 grown sons and 3 grandchildren.